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Announcing Tokyo DAO

Tokyo is hitting Farcaster like never before

After several weeks of building a community of Tokyoites and global Japanophiles on Farcaster, we are launching Tokyo DAO!

The missions of the DAO are simple:

-Support creators and builders based in Tokyo (physically or in spirit)

-Grow and nurture the Tokyo and Japanese Farcaster community

-Address issues on Farcaster that pertain specifically to the Japanese community

How it Started

In early March 2024, a few of us Tokyo-based Farcaster users found each other and made a group chat about how we wanted to meet up in person. It was about 8 or 10 of us initially, so I volunteered my office in Daikanyama to be our meeting location.

All seemed fine at first, but slowly friends started to invite friends and so to track attendees we ended up creating a Luma page and posting it on Warpcast to see if there might be any other folks interested in attending the event. After a few days we were at 40+ signups, including not only folks from the Tokyo Farcaster community, but also people who just so happened to be in town!

With that, we ended up getting a larger space and were even able to get several members of the Tokyo and global Farcaster community to present their various projects.

Without a budget, a few of us decided that we would take on the financing for the event and ended up retroactively funding the event through support from Purple DAO and tips on this post, ultimately raising approx. $13K+ in funding!

With a real budget and a community full of hopes and dreams for building a strong Tokyo community on Farcaster, a few of us who attended this initial meetup decided to launch a DAO with the aforementioned missions.

So how do I join and participate?

We've launched a first NFT, the Tokyo DAO Passport, on Base, which you can mint below. The design samples a Japanese passport and the Hachiko statue, a famous shiba inu statue in the middle of Shibuya, representing our collective first step on the journey to build a stronger Tokyo Farcaster community.

This NFT is not only a show of support for the DAO's missions, but also will allow holders to propose projects to the DAO and vote on projects that get funded.

The first round of proposals should be submitted by no later than 4/25 at 23:59 Japan time. Submit by posting your proposal in /tokyowip and tagging me @renstern.eth.

We will be hosting our second-ever, Tokyo Farcaster meetup on 4/26 at 7PM in Ebisu. This will be a place not only to hang out with other Farcaster users, but also to share your proposals to the DAO. An NFT is not required to attend the meetup itself.

Some suggested proposals are:

-Providing branding for the Tokyo DAO

-An event at Farcon

-Sponsorship for new Japanese artists entering Web3

-Awareness driving, education and support for Japanese user community around Farcaster best practices

Arigato gozaimasu!

Thanks everyone for your support to date! Excited to start this journey with you all! All proceeds from this post go directly to the DAO wallet.


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