Catfish (But Cheaper!)

A Money Saving Tip

PSA: Do you love catfish, but can't afford to buy it?

Here's a little history lesson, and a solution.

The only fish you can buy in the United States that is labeled "catfish" must be caught domestically. It must also be from the family Ictaluridae.

This is because in 2002, southeast Asian importers were sending tons of Pangasius bocourti and Pangasius hypophthalmus fish to American markets and calling it "catfish." This put a downward pressure om catfish prices, and so Congress responded to domestic fish lobbyists the following year.

The imported fish is still sold in the US, but it is now under the names "swai," "basa fish," "bocourti," or "striped pangasius."

We buy swai, but your grocery store may use one of the other names.

In a 2005 blind study conducted by Mississippi State University, participants preferred the taste of swai 3-to-1 when compared to US catfish.

We make "fried catfish" in our toaster oven by coating swai filets in cornmeal. Delicious, and cheap!

Just an idea to bring some variety to your table without breaking the bank.

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