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#6 How to make Promo Video With AI? | Mongolia on Rocklaz |

Now you can make your sales vides using AI. 6 Tried and tested tools. On Rocklaz come with me to Modern Mongolia,

Hi Buddy!

Yes, now you can create your whole sales video in a very short time with limited skills. Anybody can do it! I will share with you the promo ad that I created using AI. I have also mentioned 6 tried and tested tools I used during my process.

The Mongolia podcast episode has been one of the most fulfilling ones. Check it out and drop your comments.


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  • How to make a promo video using AI?

  • AI tools for Text to Video AI. Tried and tested.

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#75 Mongolia: Genghis Khan's Empire, Modern Culture & Traditions.

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We sit down with Dorjpagma, the fascinating host of the Modern Mongolia podcast and an esteemed Anthropologist. Delve into the rich culture and traditions of the Mongols, from ancient times to the present day. Unravel the mysteries of Genghis Khan and the vast Mongolian empire, the largest empire in the world. Discover the intriguing Mongolian wedding dress, as seen in the Star Wars movie worn by Padmi. Explore the challenges and opportunities in Mongolia, including the intersection of AI and Anthropology. Witness the country's breathtaking beauty through stunning photos. Learn how researchers can make money while pursuing their passion. Listen to the enchanting sounds of a Mongolian song. Gain valuable insights into Mongolian festivals and essential knowledge before your visit. Unearth the unique religious beliefs of this fascinating land.


+ The intriguing Death Rituals of Mongolia

+ Listening to Mongolian Song Live!

+ Alcohol made from Horse Milk

+ Savor the distinct taste of Salt Milk Tea

+ The truth about why Amazon and E-Commerce don't thrive in Mongolia—it's not what you think!

+ Significance of the Sky God in Mongolian culture

+ Buddhist wedding with a Hollywood twist.

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How to Make Promo Video using AI?

The promo I made was Inspired and made for Rocklaz HChip Episode.

#63 HChip Doxxed?! Watch High-Performance Collector share his Insights & Secrets.

HChip shares his inspiring life story. He shares why he LIkes Davide Bowie so much! You get to hear HChips own music too! He shares insights on coaching high-performance artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and scientists and his approach to goal-setting. HChip shares his unique perspective on collecting art and investing in cryptocurrencies. He discusses his passion for music and his soft corner for musicians. The podcast takes an interesting turn towards art, music, and mental health. He talks about his background before moving to Australia and his experience in the newspaper business. The conversation touches on what brought the Wolf of Wall Street to Australia, and HChip's journey from sales to real estate to NFTs.

The Promo video made with AI

"Fish & HChips": Bad Jokes, Great Food.

Merchandise of #FishAndHChips

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  1. Logo: I started with the Logo first. The logo is the face of the brand. After deciding the concept; Fish has the thunder of David Bowie, HChips Musician. I created the Logo using 'Text to Image' AI, which is built in Canva. You can Alternatively you can use Night Cafe (free).

  2. Script for the video: I put down my thoughts in a Word file and prompted Conversational AI aka ChatBot to improve it. To Reach the final result, I mixed and matched the outcomes of ChatGPT with alternatives like Bard and Cohesive. (note: I didn't use ChatGPT for my newsletters😂)

  3. Talking Head AI: The woman you see in the video is not really a human, it's my AI friend made by using Text to Video AI. You can choose Man or Woman. Old or Young. You choose their ethnicity: Black, white, European, Asian, etc. Decide their accent and voice tones. You can even choose the speed. I tested out different tools as I have listed below. The one that worked the best for me was elai. So you put the script made in the previous step in the software and it will create the talking head video for you.

  4. Voice-over: If you just want a voice-over video aka dubbing and not a full talking head, you can use Text to Audio tools like voicemaker or Balabolka (the ultimate free & unlimited option)

  5. Stock Images, videos, & Memes: Now you need to pick different images to match the words being spoken. You can even generate the image as in step 1. Somehow this takes the most time. Don't show an image for more than 1-2 seconds. There are many websites you will discover when you just google them. I mostly used images inbuilt in Canva. You can save time by using Runway ML or Kapwing for direct video generation.

  6. Music: Well there are music-generating AI tools, I can cover them in a future newsletter. In this case, it's best and most efficient to use the stock music. You can find that on the Youtube library, and sever other provides.

  7. Compiling them all together: I used Canva, as you figured by now. You can also use Davinci Resolve (Free). Remove the background of the Talking head. Paste it at an appropriate location. Make sure the Talk head video layer is on top so that the images don't overlap with it.

AI Tools for Video (Text to Video)

  1. Elai: best Text to Video AI for Talking heads: Best Expression, No blurry teeth. You choose, the age, gender, accent, and speed of the model. Only 1 min free. Then you have to pay (or create multiple accounts 😜) Cost:

  2. Synthesia: On the upside, it has got the most resources and tools. Downside: No free trial. You can get a Watermark clip clip for free though. Need company email id to make Ad templet. Can not download the sample video.

  3. D-ID. a plugin for Canva: This is best if you want to do everything in Canva itself. Downside: Blurry teeth. You get only 17 credits. 5 min limit per video for the free plan. Watermarked.

  4. Runway ML: This is a true Text to Video AI. Imagine Midjourney but for Videos. The video is a typical Ai-looking generated video. You can train your own model. This one is making waves. Even making 3D textures. It didn't have the talking head video I was looking for.

  5. Kapwing: This makes complete videos adding stock images, music and captions but it didn't have a talking head video. It has an unlimited free plan with watermarks. I didn't find it very Intuitive, it will take you some learning time. A lot of editing needs to be done.

  6. Steve Ai: This is an Animator. You can use it to make Animation style videos. Like Kapwing it makes a good base video but a lot of work/ playing around needs to be done to finalise it. Nice that it adds music text highlights on its own.

Personal note:

This week even though I recorded 3 episodes, I could only publish one. This particular video took a hell lot of editing for the audio. There was a huge echo. The Echo of the host was coming from the Guest track. No Ai or any echo cancellation technique worked. I tried all the tricks in the books. Finally with a Eureka moment! I use Multi-Cam editing but for Audio, (in Davinci resolve). Basically cutting sentences of all guests and host individually then sticking them together.

I am looking for sponsorship. If you have read till here, means you really care and you are getting good value out of my work. You should become my sponsor.

It's very tough to record our Sudan Episode. The guest has fled away and taken refuge in Egypt. I don't know what they have to go through but it's very difficult to coordinate with them for scheduling. Plus the Internet broke down at there in 44 minutes into the conversation. So we will have to record the complete episode once again.

See you all in the next Rocklaz Newsletter

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