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#8 Bali, Baby! & Lithuania's Sanskrit Connection

Live translation tools! What I did what and results!

Hi Buddy!

I trust you are doing well. We are in the mid of August. That means it's Independence Day! Not just for India but 5 other countries: the Republic of Congo, South Korea, North Korea, Liechtenstein, and Bahrain. So Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day. Let's get independence from our fears and worries.


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#78 Bali, baby! What you didn't know about Bali and Indonesia!?

Balinese Fun Facts with Tyrone Williams the host of Bali's premium 31-day destination experience for founders, investors & thought leaders in tech. How to organize large events? Tips on sponsorship and sales. Fabulous Quotes from & Insights from someone who is thriving even after being homeless 3 times. Tyrone is also the founder of The Collective Solution and host of Signal Podcast.

My Highlights (comment yours)

+ Quotes & Perspective on life.

+ Silent day. Balinese have been preparing for covid lockdown for millenniums!

+ Most expensive Coffee, you won't believe how it's made! 😂💩

+What governments of your country can learn about Tourism Development from Bali?


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#79 Lithuania: Unveiling Europe's Oldest Language & the Tree Cake!

Explore the intriguing realm of the oldest European language, remarkably akin to Sanskrit, delving into the rich culture and history of Lithuania – a Baltic gem. Uncover rapid language acquisition techniques and insights from our guest, Paulius, a passionate linguaphile. With expertise in teaching Lithuanian and English, Paulius, also the host of the 'The Ink Well' podcast focusing on polyglot enthusiasts, holds a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Vytautas Magnus University. Join us to unravel linguistic connections, cultural narratives, and effective language mastery in this captivating episode.

My Highlights. (mention your's in the comment 😊🚀)

+ Soviet Union taking away Grandfather just because he has one extra cow. Under the pretext of "Equality"

+ Sandunes out of nowhere.

+ The tree cake and potato dumplings.

+ Similarities & Differences between Languages.


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Podcasts I love

Let me share the latest Top 4 podcasts that I like to listen to (Hmm this can be my weekly top chart lists, Let me know if you want that)

  1. Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People: A legend himself, he talks with remarkable people from Tech, startups, entrepreneurship, and Marketing.

  2. Akimbo: Seth Godin, Author of many books. I love this way of thinking. It's very counterintuitive. I love the connections he makes.

  3. The Stories of Mahabharata: Epic Storytelling on the Epic of Mahabharata! Is a thriller, with all the sound effects and details of the Mahabharat. Best way to gain knowledge of Mahabharat.

  4. Rocklaz Radio: The podcast I listen to the most, even before it's published 😜. Highly recommended. Bringing stories from every country of the world.

Mann Ki Baat

(Talk of the heart)

We are expanding the team so this week was again involved in recruitment and job posting work. I am experimenting with job search websites but Linkedin seems to be most effective.

I love the book E-Myth. Highly recommend for startup founders and small businesses. Helps you set up processes.

This week I really liked watching this amazing, mind-bending, psychological thriller movie God's Crooked Lines

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Stay Happy, Do Crazy!



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