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Celebrating the Winners of IDAppathon


The blockchain world is undergoing a development frenzy, and we at Router thought, what better way to nurture innovation than through a Hackathon? And today, we’re here to announce the winners of the first-ever Interoperability Hackathon — IDAppathon, hosted on Dorahacks.

The IDAppathon was dedicated to supporting projects and engaging a wide range of builders in experimenting and launching blockchain solutions on Router Protocol’s testnet. Over the course of the hackathon, participants worked tirelessly to develop their ideas into functional prototypes, leveraging the capabilities of Router Protocol’s Crosstalk and Omnichain Framework. After weeks of hard work, dedication, and creativity, let’s celebrate the achievements of our talented participants.

Meet the Winners

The solutions ranged from cross-chain DeFi platforms to data-sharing protocols and decentralized identity solutions — all contributing to the advancement of blockchain interoperability.

First Place:
DeployerX and RoutePlace NFT

  • DeployerX simplifies smart contract deployment across multiple blockchain networks. With just a few clicks, users can deploy their smart contracts hassle-free. Powered by Router Protocol’s Crosstalk library, DeployerX makes multi-chain deployment a breeze.

  • RoutePlace NFT serves as a marketplace for CrossChain NFTs. These special NFTs are designed to move across different blockchain systems and are created using Router Protocol’s CrossTalk Library. This platform allows users to explore and trade these unique NFTs within various blockchain networks.

RoutePlace NFT

Second Place:
Buildlt-Router and Horcross

  • Buildlt-Router is a metaverse that redefines the concept of virtual ownership by inducing interoperability. Within this platform, users can mint and transfer virtual assets like lands, houses, and more across different blockchain networks by leveraging Router Protocol’s CrossTalk Library. Demo Link.

  • Horcross is a project transforming ERC-6551 (TokenBound Accounts) by leveraging Router Protocol’s cross-chain capabilities. By enabling cross-chain functionality, Horcross empowers users to generate contract wallet addresses across different blockchain networks, breaking down barriers and expanding the potential of ERC-655. Demo Link.


Third Place:
Zixin and Avex

  • Zixin introduces an innovative solution to validate social account ownership through CrossChain NFTs by leveraging Router Protocol’s CrossTalk Library. With Zixin, users can easily prove their ownership of social accounts like Google, GitHub, LinkedIn, and more by minting CrossChain NFTs. These NFTs can be seamlessly transferred from one blockchain to another, ensuring true ownership verification across diverse blockchain networks. Demo Link

  • Avex serves as an innovative identity wallet, streamlining financial and data management into one platform in a chain-agnostic way. It facilitates the transfer of cross-chain tokens by using the Router Crosstalk library. Thus, in alignment with Router Protocol’s strengths, Avex truly exemplifies the potential of seamless cross-chain interactions, elevating the user experience and functionality within the decentralized world. Demo Link


The projects which have taken the top three places will be offered a prize of $5,000, $4,000, and $3,000, respectively. Besides, we’re also offering a pool prize of $3,000 to a few more projects that deserve recognition.

  1. Chainflow: With Chainflow, users can effortlessly disperse CrossChain ERC-20 tokens built using Router Protocol’s CrossTalk Library from a specific address on the source chain to an unlimited number of recipients on the destination chain. Basically, it enables one-click fund transfer across multiple chains. This innovative platform leverages cutting-edge technology to simplify cross-chain transactions, making it seamless for users to transfer tokens across different blockchain networks


2. QuickRaven: QuickRaven is a platform that empowers users to make seamless CrossChain swaps. Leveraging the power of the CrossTalk Library, QuickRaven facilitates secure and efficient asset exchanges between different blockchain networks. Users can easily swap assets on existing chains and then transmit vital token details, such as token address and amount, to the destination chain in an encoded format using Router Protocol’s CrossTalk Library for transfer. Demo Link


3. ChainSwap: This innovative platform allows users to mint and seamlessly move CrossChain NFTs from one blockchain to another by leveraging Router Protocol’s CrossTalk Library. With ChainSwap, artists and collectors can explore new horizons, transcending the limitations of individual blockchain ecosystems. Demo Video.


4. Routation CrossChain NFT: Routation is a CrossChain NFT marketplace that facilitates the trading of CrossChain NFTs, created using Router Protocol’s CrossTalk Library. With Routation, users can explore and exchange NFTs across different blockchain networks, leveraging the power of interoperability. Demo Link.

Routation CrossChain NFT


A key stipulation of the IDAppathon was using Router Protocol’s Omni-Chain framework for stateful bridging or CrossTalk for message transfers. And the participants didn’t just impress us with their coding skills; they presented a vision for a blockchain future that addresses real-world problems and captures significant market potential.

We thank every participant, judge, and supporter for being part of this event, and we eagerly anticipate the future innovations that will spring from our blockchain community. Together, we are pioneering a new era of blockchain innovation. The IDAppathon was just the beginning.

Stay tuned for Phase 2, and keep us close at hand by following us on your preferred social media platform!

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