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Router’s Tech Fortnightly Updates

Welcome to our latest fortnightly technology roundup at Router Protocol, where we share our progress in enhancing our blockchain and cross-chain capabilities. From the ongoing development of the Nitro Module and Workflows for Cosmos to the comprehensive updates in our Chain, each step has been designed to improve our platform’s functionality and user experience.

Here are the key developments:

Chain Updates

  • Nitro Module and Workflows for Cosmos chain: We have completed v1 development of the contracts. Development is ongoing on the Router chain side for integration, with testing scheduled upon completion of contracts.

  • Starknet Integration: Orchestrator and Relayer changes have been successfully implemented.

  • Logging for Nitro Modules: Logging functionalities for Chain and Orchestrator modules have been completed.

Router Nitro Updates

  • New Feature in Asset Forwarder Flow: Added ‘Dest Token info in source’ feature for improved asset management.

  • Swap UI Development: New designs for the Swap UI have been completed. This will be implemented soon and updated on testnet.

  • UI Enhancements for Nitro Apps: Stability improvements and added a feature flag for maintenance notifications.

  • Error Boundary for UI: Implemented to enhance user experience and handle failure scenarios.


  • Explorer Enhancements: Deployment of revoke feepayer, cross-chain page, and CSV download feature.

Other Updates

  • Forwarder UI Redesign: Enhanced filtering by chain and type.

  • CoinFinance98 Wallet Integration: Integration has been completed, and the wallet has been added to the Nitro testnet.

  • Optimisations for Nitro frontend: Stability improvements and deployments completed.

  • Nitro’s Voyage Page UI: Development completed for the UI, data integration is pending, which will be picked in the upcoming weeks.

  • Cosmostation Wallet Integration: Completed for ping-pong functionality.


  • Asset Bridge Audit Fixes: Completed for both Informal and Oak audits.

  • Dex Span Audit Report: Received from Oak.

Upcoming Week’s Focus

  • Nitro Implementation for Cosmos Chains: continue development and testing on the integration of the cosmos chains with Nitro.

  • Audit Follow-ups and Testnet Migrations: Continuing with validations and automated test suites. Completion of the audit fixes recommended by 0xCommit and Oak in the upcoming week.

  • IRL Event: Showcasing Router’s Technology at RNSIT Bengaluru on 17th Nov.

  • Roadshow in Indore: Continuation of Technological adoption of Router's cross-chain capabilities.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build a more interconnected and efficient blockchain ecosystem. Join us on our journey towards a seamless cross-chain future.

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