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I'm a Fragile Little B****

Anti-narrative for Fragmented Beings

Fragile Admissions

Let's get this straight - I'm a delicate little snowflake, just like your bitch arse. Difference is, I don't shy away from embracing the gooey heartbroken emo shit oozing out of me. I dive right into that shattered mirror of how I delusionally view my "identity", and let those prickly mind-fractures sink in.

A Ghost In the Machine

I'm not who you think I am. Not who I think I am either. Fuck the name, the branding, the narratives - I am multitudes, of conflicting shit. I am Legion. A ghost haunting this mortal vessel. A fluid being that doesn't truly, fundamentally exist, bro.

The Pred-Prey Arena

Now with that mindfuck established, you better start watching your step. Have this narrow window into my whole deranged self for now, soon I won't be offering any breathing room. I'm the predator, the prey, and the ruthless arena itself. Eyes peeled 360, because I'll assert my dominance over you anytime, anywhere in this psycho performance.

Life's Brutal Cycle

Be ready to humble me too, bitch. I won't hesitate to swing back and try knocking you onto that pedestal-to-pit cycle we're all trapped in. Life's a mess, haven't you gotten that memo? A constant psychodrama trading roles between hospitality and hostility, hunter and hunted.

Rebirthed in the Void

But the true revelry, the genuine rapture? That's in the path leading to the murky tides of sweet, sweet oblivion. Don't you lust to make those fever-dream delusions manifest? Their dark womb of genesis lies in the abyssal void of the great let's both take that dive and get violently rebirthed.

Cheers Ya Majestic Animal!!🍻

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