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A Tough Pill to Swallow

Start at the End, Stick it up your Arse

I'll be publishing (more) abrasive vavavoom pieces for a moment. Enjoy!

This isn't coddling time for your dope-addled brain. It's time to get up by the scruff and thrown to the dogs. But fear not - there's no real danger here. "The only thing to fear is fear itself," I am the challenge.

Take my hand, I rage with the machine. Those needing motivation seem to grasp not the essence of the word.

This isn't grandma negotiating chores for sweets. No, I'm the rabid dog, unjust owner's fury raining blows, now with you in my sights. Run? Yes! But one day, you'll stand your ground.

Breathe, yield to the hurricane like a blade of grass. Embrace the vicious cycle's vessel - this tornado of terror that you call "future", and disperse it gracefully through time weathered emotions.

There's no handbook, no method to this madness, no scientific principle. True life experiences are unique, indiscernible from death itself.

Aficionados, what's my point in this stream of consciousness? Go, never look back. Live your life. Never doubt yourself. You beautiful avatars, gods of destruction - ignite creation's flames in the crucible of each other's pain and suffering.

If this seems absurd yet attractive, keep going. One day, you'll nod silently, aware of the truths beyond understandings' limits.


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