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Grim Gamblers of the last Gen, Wake the Hell Up

A Generational Gut-Check for the Walking Dead

"The future is uncertain but the end is always near" - Jim morrison

Break the Cycle: From Trauma Loops to True Growth

Listen up, you decaying relics: there's a virus in your heads, a fear-fueled mania turning you into prophets of your own self-made apocalypse. You choke the world with your end-times paranoia while washing your hands of the mess you built. Wake up! the pattern repeats itself EVERY generation...!

Vampire Youth: Sucking the Future Dry

Hell, you're not even content to just rot. You'd rather sabotage the very notion of youth. Your unhealed wounds, the pathetic scars of a life wasted, leech onto the young. They inherit your trauma, get stuck replaying the same damn song of stunted growth.

Breaking Free from the Drone Grind

We were born to burn, to witness and create, not be drones grinding out your stale routines. Yet here you are – architects of crisis turned grumpy gatekeepers.

You built these new marvels on the ruins of your failures, then start howling like wolves when your creations outshine you. Weaklings envious of their own monstrous spawn.

Jealous Gods & Their Monstrous Spawn

We were never meant to be clockwork gods, ticking through an endless cosmic loop. Machines can have your 'immortality'.

We're meant to prepare, to simmer, then explode into brilliance, to burn out and be reborn a thousand times over. That's the hero's journey, not your pathetic whimpers about bygone days.

Clockwork Gods vs. Living Fire

True evolution is an inside job. Rip open your hearts, let the old poisons bleed out. Quit clinging to the wreckage, clear space for life to take root.

Open your eyes, clear your goddamn heads, then feel existence without flinching. Do you poison the earth with your fear, or dance on the edge of the abyss until your terror births ecstatic defiance?

Rip Yourself Open: Get Honest or Die

Life and death spin on, with or without your whimpering approval. Surrender to change, and maybe – just maybe – you'll snatch a spark of vitality before the curtain falls.

Keep thrashing against the tide and you'll drown in the muck of your own making. Reinvention or rot. The choice is yours, you walking corpses.

I read a magnificent article by @markmyworths.eth (see below). I was inspired to write this. It's not a direct response, but from reading those words there was a reaction that I held within for a moment. The above are the remains of my "molotov of consciousness".


Thanks for reading, have a look at the article above! Cheers! 🍻

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