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Web3 is full of jargon.


Because many of the most sophisticated people in this space write for a technical audience.

There's a poverty of information geared towards a business audience that addresses questions like "why does this matter to my company" and "how can I use this information to drive business outcomes?" Translating the technical possibilities of blockchain into predictions about “how this will impact industry X” is tough because you need to put a stake in the ground and make predictions about the future. People are hesitant to make a bold prediction and be proven wrong.

Despite the confusion, exciting new use cases for blockchain are coming to market and will have a significant impact on the tech landscape.

Make no mistake: this technology is going to transform marketing, media, financial services and government.

Given my unique position in in the industry working at Polygon Labs advancing the Polygon blockchain, I am able to see the progress in real time.

My goal is to make this insight more accessible.

Blockchain for Business provides clear insight into how value is created within the enterprise.