EVM App Chains

App Chains are not new. The difference in 2023 is that they are coming to EVM, where the majority of users + integrations (wallet, validator, bridge, node) support. Optimism’s OP Stack is open-source and allows any project/team to launch their own roll-up chain. In 2023 alone, adopters include:

> Coinbase Base
> ZORA Network
> Worldcoin ID

If you ask a project the reason behind a roll-up strategy, they will give you some flavor of the following:

> Scaling: “ETH L1 is too slow”
> Flexibility: “Contracts are not optimized” or “I want to support an EIP that hasn’t hit mainnet yet”
> Value Capture: “Token launch does not make sense but I want to monetize on-chain”

The first two are pretty familiar arguments. The last is the most pertinent. The holy grail for a crypto project is able to monetize on-chain — you get global access at basically zero marginal cost (all forms of “traditional” marginal cost is outsourced to the chain). The headwinds are unknown regulatory risk on a case-by-case basis.

Today’s versions of these are:

> NFTs (OpenSea) — secondary fees of on-chain NFTs
> DeFi (0x) — routing fees of on-chain swaps
> Staking (Blockdaemon) — validator income of inflation + chain fees

The conversation of roll-ups have mostly been around tech optimization, but the goal is really value capture optimization in the absence of a token launch. Factors like:

> Sequencer PnL — company can monetize like a validator on block activity.
> Flexibility — company can loss-lead on a contract-level (zero cost for NFT minting) to optimize for user growth but still capture downstream sequencer fees
> BD — company gives a % of fees to partners that come to chain

The long-term payoff will come down to the project’s ability to lean on their user network effects. It’s not purely a tech game, it’s a BD/Strategy game. 2023 App Chains are about value capture as much as it is about tech.


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