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Announcing Our New Policy Update for Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs)

As a leading entity in the crypto launchpad sector, we remain dedicated to enhancing our policies for the utmost transparency and security for our investors. We are pleased to announce comprehensive updates to our policies regarding Private Deals and Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs).

Private Deals Policy

Deals marked as 'private' on our website continue to be exempt from our refund policy. Funds in private deals are transferred to the project upfront. The launch timeframe of these projects is beyond our control, and we strongly advise our investors to Do Your Own Research (DYOR), in alignment with our terms and conditions (

For select private deals approaching TGE, we may extend our IDO refund policy. These instances will be communicated alongside the project details.

Updated IDO Refund Mechanism

We are introducing a dual-layer refund mechanism for all our IDOs to provide a robust safety net for investors.

1. Unconditional Price Action Refund: This is based on the investment tier and is available as follows:

  • Monopoly: Refund up to 24 hours after token launch.

  • Tycoon: Refund up to 12 hours after token launch.

  • Broker: Refund up to 6 hours after token launch.

  • Wholesaler: Refund up to 1 hour after token launch.

  • Merchant: No refund policy.

  • Hustler: No refund policy.

Investors must claim and return their tokens within the specified timeframe without having sold any. Selling tokens voids the refund claim. Refunds will not be processed if SafeLaunch tokens have been sold within the last 14 days. The refund request form is available at, and refunds will be processed within 48 hours of the request.

2. Price Action Based Refund: Triggered by specific conditions, leading to a community vote:

  • Funding with Vesting Periods: Only send funds raised with each vesting period.

  • Compliance with Distribution Schedules: Projects must adhere to their schedules, with significant penalties for changes or delays.

  • Marketing Strategies and Budget: Projects must balance marketing budgets pre- and post-launch.

  • Liquidity Requirements: Minimum liquidity dependent on the raise amount must be locked for at least 24 months. Contracts must be audited and free from honeypot or blacklist capabilities.

  • IDO Price Assurances: Projects must maintain their price above the IDO price for at least two vesting unlocks or 50%, whichever comes first. If the price consistently falls below the IDO price for a week during the unlock period, a community vote will be initiated to decide on continuation or refund.

  • Refund Vote for Malicious Activities: We reserve the right to initiate a refund vote at any time in case of malicious or problematic actors.

These regulations are not just to protect our community but also to ensure that only the most dedicated entrepreneurs and teams are incentivized.

SafeLaunch is committed to providing a secure and transparent platform for our investors. These policy updates are a testament to our commitment to uphold the highest standards in the industry.

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