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How to Be 30% More Courageous and How It Will Change Your Life

Being an entrepreneur ain't for the weak. You need some serious guts to start a business, take risks, and put yourself out there. But what if that one thing we sometimes take for granted is exactly what we need to focus on even more?

Now, I know some of you might be like, "Scott, come on, I've got courage—I started my own business, didn't I?" But trust me, there's always room to step it up a notch.

For us entrepreneurs, courage is the key to success. We need to have the balls to take risks, try new stuff, and keep grinding when things get tough.

And just imagine—boosting your courage by an extra 30% could be a total game-changer. That's what separates the good from the great.

I recently chatted with David Wood, the founder of focus.ceo, and we talked about his killer coaching business, how he helps companies double their revenue, and why courage is the foundation of it all.

Today, we're going all-in on courage—what it means to be truly brave, how to amp up your courage by 30%, and how doing this will not only level up your business life but your personal life too.

What is Courage

Alright, let's kick this off by getting crystal clear on what we mean by "courage."

When you hear "courage," you might picture a firefighter charging into a blazing inferno or a scene with the badass Spartans from the movie 300. But let me tell you, courage ain't just about physical bravery—it's also about having that mental and emotional toughness.

Courage is facing your fears, pushing through pain, standing up to danger, and staring uncertainty right in the eye.

It's the fire inside that lets you stand up for what you believe in, even when it's freakin' hard. It's the drive to keep grinding through those challenges and setbacks that come with the territory of being an entrepreneur.

Being courageous means owning up when you're wrong, asking for help when you need it, and taking those calculated risks. It's having the guts to try something new, go all-in on a risk, and persist when the odds are stacked against you.

In a nutshell, courage is the willingness to be unapologetically you, put yourself out there, and chase your dreams, no matter what obstacles you face.

Why You Need to Focus on Courage

In the business world, courage is essential. 

It's that fuel that drives you to make those difficult calls, embrace calculated risks, and bounce back from setbacks. Without courage, you might find yourself trapped in a loop, playing it safe and never moving forward.

But when you harness that courage, you'll have the power to catapult your business to new heights and crush success beyond anything you ever imagined.

Take Risks

Courage is what empowers you to embrace risks. In the business world, risk-taking is essential for growth and success. If you can't take risks, you'll end up stuck, never reaching your full potential.

I know, taking risks can be scary as hell, and figuring out which ones to take ain't always a walk in the park. But when you've got courage, you'll make those hard choices and go for the calculated risks that'll unlock new opportunities and growth for your business.

Courage helps you see the big picture, assess the situation, and make a decision—even if it's not the comfiest option.

When you dive into risk-taking, you're opening up a world of possibilities. You're tapping into new markets, connecting with fresh customers, and sparking innovative ideas. It's by taking risks that you'll find new ways to revolutionize and level up your business.

Be Resilient

Next up, courage amps up your resilience. Let's be real—being an entrepreneur ain't easy, and you're gonna face setbacks and failures. But when you've got courage, you'll bounce back faster and keep charging ahead.

Courage helps you deal with those setbacks and failures like a champ, not letting them bring you down. You'll navigate the rough patches, knowing you'll power through to the other side.

This ability to face the tough times and come back even stronger is what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the ones who throw in the towel. With courage, you'll turn those failures and setbacks into learning experiences, never letting them knock you off course.

Be a Leader

Third, courage levels up your leadership game. Being an entrepreneur often means leading a team and making critical decisions. As a leader, you're responsible for steering your crew towards a shared goal and making the tough calls when needed. That's when courage really kicks in.

Without the guts to stand up for what you believe in and make those difficult choices, it's tough to lead. You’re most likely going to end up doing a half-ass job and a disservice to everyone.

Leadership is all about inspiring and motivating others. Courage is one of those qualities that fires people up. When a leader can take risks and make hard decisions confidently, it builds trust and faith in the team. Your team will look up to you, and when they see that courage, they're more likely to follow your lead.


Having guts is a major key to unlocking innovation. Entrepreneurship is all about whipping up something new and delivering a one-of-a-kind solution to a problem. Without the courage to think outside the box and shake things up, it gets tough to cook up new ideas and products.

In today's business scene, standing out and being different is more important than ever. With courage, you'll stay true to yourself, chase your passions, and embrace your uniqueness. And that's what'll make you rise above the rest.

Playing it Safe is The Most Dangerous Thing

As entrepreneurs, we're often told to play it safe, dodge risks, and stick to what we know. But let’s be real for a second… playing it safe is the riskiest move you can make for your business.

When you play it safe, you're capping your potential for growth and success. You dodge the necessary risks that open doors to new opportunities and breakthroughs. You get complacent and stop pushing yourself to level up. That's when your business hits a wall.

But when you're ready to take risks and step out of your comfort zone, you unlock a universe of possibilities. You can explore fresh opportunities, test new ideas, and learn from your mistakes. It's by taking risks and screwing up that you grow and become a better entrepreneur.

Playing it safe means dodging failure, but failure is a key part of the entrepreneurial ride. Failure teaches us priceless lessons and toughens us up. It's through failure that we learn and grow, setting ourselves up for success in the long haul.

Playing it safe also means shying away from the uncomfortable and unknown, but it's those exact unknowns that lead to the most epic breakthroughs. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who dare to take risks, dive into the unknown, and power through the discomfort.

How To Be More Courageous

Here's the deal: courage ain't something you can just flick on and off like a switch. You have to actively nurture and work on it. You need to flex your courage muscles regularly to grow and improve.

If you don't develop this skill, you'll never gain the ability to take risks confidently and bounce back from setbacks.

Let's dive into six steps to unlock that extra 30% of courage and propel your business to new heights.

1. Set small goals: One of the best ways to grow courage is to set small, achievable goals. Kick off with a goal that's a little scary, but still doable. Once you crush that goal, aim for another one that's a bit more challenging. This'll help you build your courage and boost your confidence.

2. Take action: Courage ain't just about thinking—it's about doing. When fear creeps in, take action, even if it's just a baby step. The more you act, the more confident and in control you'll feel.

3. Embrace failure: Failure is part of life, and it's super common in the entrepreneurial world. The more you learn to hug failure and see it as a learning opportunity, the more courageous you'll become.

4. Surround yourself with supportive people: The people around you make a huge impact on your life. Make sure you're backed by folks who support, encourage, and push you to be your best.

5. Reflect on your past successes: Sometimes, when fear strikes, it's easy to forget all your past wins. Take a moment to reflect on your past successes and remind yourself that you're capable of achieving greatness.

6. Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga can help you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions. This can make you more resilient when facing fear and uncertainty, and also help you stay focused and clear-headed when making decisions.

Focus on What you Can Control

When it comes to courage, fear and uncertainty usually play the role of the biggest roadblocks. But here's the secret sauce to overcoming these obstacles: focus on what you can control.

Entrepreneurship is a wild rollercoaster, packed with unknowns and unpredictability. It's super easy to stress about things beyond your control, like the economy, competition, or even your customers' actions. But let's be real—you can't control everything. What you can control, though, are your own actions and decisions.

By zooming in on what you can control, you'll take action and make strides, even when uncertainty looms. This sense of empowerment and control will fuel your courage.

Here are some examples of things you can control:

  • Your attitude and mindset

  • Your level of preparation and planning

  • Your effort and dedication

  • Your communication and relationship with your team

  • Your marketing and sales strategy

  • Your ability to adapt and pivot

Focus on what you can control, and watch the magic happen.

When you concentrate on what you can control, you'll take action, make progress, and crush your goals. This sense of empowerment and control will help boost your courage.

Wrap Up 

Here's the bottom line: as entrepreneurs, we need to zero in on boosting our courage. It's the fuel that lets us take risks, bounce back, and lead effectively. You don't need to be sprinting into burning buildings—just an extra 30% of courage is all it takes. That's the game-changer that sets the great apart from the merely good.

Remember, it ain't about being fearless—it's about facing your fears and pushing through them. It's about setting small goals, taking action, and embracing failure. Focus on what you can control and let's crush it!

If you want to dive deeper into this and snag some killer wisdom from the legend David Wood himself, don't miss out on our full conversation.

That's a wrap for this week—thanks for reading! I'll be back next week with more success stories.

Now let's go be courageous, successful, and level up our lives.

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