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The Great Lie of "Someday"

Do you ever find yourself whispering these excuses to yourself?

  • "When I finally get this promotion, THEN I'll have time to start my side hustle."

  • "When the kids are a little older, THEN I'll finally get back to painting."

  • "When I have a bigger house, THEN I can start hosting those dinner parties I've dreamed of."

  • "When I have more money saved, THEN I'll feel secure enough to travel."

If you do, you're not alone. I've been there too.  We all get stuck in the trap of thinking the perfect conditions will appear like magic down the road. Only then, the stars aligning, will we somehow be ready to chase our dreams/do the thing.

But here's the spoiler no one likes to admit: That perfect "X" moment will NEVER arrive. There will ALWAYS be something—a new project at work, a sick kid, an unexpected car repair—demanding your attention and energy.

"Someday" is the biggest lie we tell ourselves.

It's a fluffy pillow to soften the blow of our inaction.  We wrap ourselves in its comforting excuse, but deep down, we know that if we don't make a move now, "someday" will fade into "never."  Worse, it'll fade into a nagging regret you carry with you for years to come.

The Truth About Readiness (And Why it's Not What You Think)

Here comes the hard-to-swallow truth: Readiness, in the way we typically picture it, is a complete myth. You don't magically become infused with expertise, bulletproof confidence, and infinite resources after some external factor changes.

Think about it this way: Did Beyoncé wake up one day feeling flawlessly ready to conquer the world, or did she build her skills, stage presence, and business savvy through countless hours of sweat and imperfect performances?

Remember that kid in your high school class who seemed effortlessly good at everything? The one who aced tests without studying and charmed even the grouchiest teachers?  I bet if you dug deeper, you'd learn they were putting in work behind the scenes when no one was looking.

Readiness isn't bestowed;  it's BUILT. Each imperfect step you take forges that readiness in the fire of action.

The "Start Now" Mentality: A Personal Story

Years ago, I desperately wanted to leave my corporate job and become a writer (start a newsletter… blog… anything).  But "someday" was my best friend. Someday, I'd have the perfect freelance client roster. Someday, I'd finally figure out this whole online marketing thing. Someday...

Paralysis set in. All I did was watch youtube videos, buy fancy courses, and dream.  One day, in a moment of frustration with myself, I decided to try something new. I forced myself to write a single blog post and hit publish...even though I thought it was terrible.

The next day, I did it again. And again. Some were cringe-worthy, some gained a bit of traction. But it didn't matter.  The act of doing, however messy, was chipping away at my fear and building my skills.  Within a year, I had enough momentum and income to make the leap into earning some income, selling ads on a newsletter (fast forward to today, the newsletter has 320,000 subscribers).

That never happens if I keep waiting for the magic moment of readiness.

Messy Action > Perfect Inaction

Let's make this real. Let's say your dream is to finally get in shape. Here's the old mindset vs. the action-first mindset:

  • Old "Someday" Mindset: I need to join the fancy gym. I need the perfect workout clothes. I need to find a trainer and get a program designed...

Result:  You end up spending weeks comparing gym memberships and end up doing  nothing.

  • Action-First Mindset: It's rainy out, and I'm tired, but my old sneakers are fine. I'll do one of those YouTube workout videos in my living room. It might be awkward, but I'm gonna get moving.

Result: It's not glamorous, but it's a start! You're BUILDING the habit of moving your body regularly. Each day it gets a tiny bit easier.

"But What About..." (Common Barriers Busted)

I can hear the objections whispering in your head. So let's tackle some of the most common ones:

  • "I don't have TIME!"  Truth bomb: We ALL have the same 24 hours. Successful people aren't gifted extra time; they get ruthless about priorities.  Audit your day. Where does your time vanish on social media, mindless TV, or tasks that could be outsourced? Can you carve out even 15 minutes a day  for your goal? You'll be shocked what you can do with focused intention.

  • "I'm afraid of FAILING!"   Aren't you more afraid of never trying and living with regret? Failure is inevitable on the path to anything worthwhile. Embrace it as a teacher. Each stumble informs what to do differently –  that's growth happening.

  • "I don't have the RESOURCES!" This is where creativity is your superpower. Can't afford a class? There's an insane amount of free knowledge online. Need equipment?  Look for secondhand options or see if a friend will loan it.  Remember, it's about your resourcefulness, not the size of your wallet.

The Bottom Line: "Someday" Will Betray You

Every day spent waiting for perfect conditions is a day you're not actively building the life you truly want. Imagine yourself five years from now. Do you want to look back and see a trail of "somedays" fading into the distance? Or do you want to see how far you've come because of those imperfect first steps you finally took?

The "Start Now" Challenge (Take it Seriously!)

I want to challenge you, and I mean really challenge you, to take one small, uncomfortable step toward your goal today.  Not tomorrow, not after you research/plan/organize more – TODAY. Don't let yourself off the hook! Here's how:

  1. The Tiny Task: What's the absolute smallest action that you've been avoiding? (Ex: write 50 words, send a sales email, register for that one class, do 10 pushups)

  2. Remove the Barriers: Don't overcomplicate it. Clear your space, set a timer for 20 minutes, do whatever gets that task in front of you.

  3. DO IT (no matter how imperfectly): Don't judge the quality, just focus on getting it DONE. Prove to yourself you can follow through.

You Are Readier Than You Think

You wouldn't be reading this if there wasn't a fire inside of you, a voice whispering that you're meant for more.  Don't betray that part of yourself. Take the leap today, even just a tiny one.  One step leads to another, and then another, and suddenly that "someday" dream is within your grasp.

The choice is yours. Are you ready to ditch the excuses and finally start building a life filled with purpose and passion? Then it's time to stop waiting on "X" and create your own readiness. Your future self will thank you.

Have a great weekend!


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