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A new podcast just dropped with Ciera Rogers, the founder of BABES, who built a massive personal brand, worked with the Kardashians and built BABES into a household name.

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Ciera Rogers came on Success Story.

From struggling to find her footing in Los Angeles to building a multi-million dollar brand that champions body positivity, Ciera Rogers, founder of Babes, is no stranger to overcoming adversity. 

On a recent episode of the Success Story podcast, we delve into Ciera’s unconventional journey and how she transformed her personal struggles into a thriving business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Turn Rock Bottom into a Launchpad: Ciera shares how facing homelessness fueled her entrepreneurial drive, proving that adversity can be a powerful catalyst for success.

  • Start with Your Own Pain Points: Babes was born out of Ciera’s own desire for fashionable, affordable clothing for curvy women, showcasing the power of solving a problem you deeply understand.

  • Embrace the Unconventional: From her unique approach to social media to her authentic connection with customers, Ciera’s “against the grain” strategies have been key to her brand’s cult-like following.

  • Don’t Overcomplicate It: Forget the Stanford MBA playbook. Ciera’s story is a testament to the power of starting small, iterating, and focusing on what truly resonates with your audience.

  • Find Your Niche, Then Dominate It: Babes found its sweet spot catering to curvy women, proving that specializing in a niche can lead to massive success.

The Bottom Line:

Ciera’s story is an inspiration for anyone who feels like an outsider. 

By embracing her unique experiences and focusing on authenticity, she’s built a brand that’s not just selling clothes, but confidence and empowerment. 

It’s a reminder that success isn’t always linear, and sometimes, the most unconventional paths lead to the most extraordinary destinations.

If you want to listen to the full podcast, listen on or on YouTube.

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