The Crowd: New Year Drops

Hi Crowd!

This is a quick "I should have sent this yesterday but I suck and so you have a few hours to grab these if you want to grab these things which were released yesterday" note. A proper newsletter is coming later today or this week depending on my typing efficiency.

Disney and IP nerds know all about this already - Steamboat Willie is an animated short film released in 1928 which depicts the first incarnation of Mickey Mouse (and a few friends). After 95 years of being locked up in copyright this film entered the public domain at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2024. Disney has been a big thing for us as a family and we decided to do a little short of our own tying it into the Shelves universe. So the kid Nomegla put pen to pad and made this incredible old-style pixel art animation of Vincent hanging out with Mickey on the boat. He spent all day on it, and is really proud of it, as he should be.

Steamboat Kitty is available for 1 day 9 hours and 28 minutes (approx 10 hours of that remaining), it's priced in USDC because $19.28.
Mint here.

If you are only going to buy one thing today, buy that. How often can you support a young artist trying new stuff in public for under $20?

Secondly, as some of you know last year I did this monthly photography edition release experiment called SB23. One new photo a month, released on the first, available for 23 hours and priced at 0.023 eth. It was fun, and encouraged me to think about photography all the time which I liked. Dozens of people picked some up along the way and that was nice to. You can see all the SB23 photos and their final edition sizes here. So I decided to do it again and launched SB24 - same idea but riffing on 24 not 23 for obvious reasons.

SB24 #1 is available now, for about 5 more hours if you want one. Mint here.

OK, that's the promo for today, look out for another email with more intellectually stimulating content in the near future.


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