The Crowd Has Connections [242]

Hi Crowd!

I'm offline this week but before disconnecting I released the fourth piece in my "Connection" series that I've been working on this year. Some of you know about it, some of you don't. I've been feeding 10 years of my photos, visually similar, contrasting subject matter, into an AI and finding the commonality in both theme and feeling. I thought I'd let Chat GPT tell you about it.

Sean Bonner's "Connections" series explores the relationships that intertwine nature, humanity, and technology. Each piece in the collection merges the organic with the synthetic, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate web of connections, communication, and interaction between people and their environment. The process of creating these images, built from Bonner's original photographs, raises questions about the nature of reality and the distinction between human imagination and artificial intelligence. This work encourages the audience to consider the intricate relationship between inspiration and direction, as well as the line separating reality from the AI's creative interpretation.

"Silence Prospectors, Objectors to My Lectures Constructed as Architecture"

This first piece in the collection was originally obtainable only in person at select events during 2023. A free mint, emphasizing the value of genuine human connections, while simultaneously probing the potential for collaboration between humans and machines in the realm of artistic expression. Without asserting any particular outcome, this piece invites introspection on the interconnectedness of our world.

"You Don't Understand Me, You Don't Know My Game"

This second piece in the collection adopts a unique approach to art acquisition, offering itself exclusively through a 'burn to redeem' process, using pieces from Bonner's previous collection, "cats," as the required exchange. This distinctive method not only connects the artist's past and present artistic endeavors but also explores the transactional and transformative dimensions of art. Furthermore, it underscores the artist's exploration of the potential for collaboration between humans and machines in the realm of artistic expression, prompting introspection on the interconnectedness of our world.

"There wasn't always a place to go, but there was always an urgent need to belong, yeah"

This third piece in the "Connections" collection is an exploration of belonging, representing our innate desire to be part of something. Available exclusively to those who have participated in the artists' journey, either through this series or the separate "Sean Bonner Editions" collection, this artwork navigates themes of community, shared experiences, and a quest for like-minded companionship. The method of acquisition underscores these ideas, reinforcing the integral bond between the artist and the audience, while demonstrating the profound impact of these connections in shaping our understanding and perception of the world around us.

"I see I was wrong, and I'm not so strong, I should've known all along, that time would tell"

The fourth piece in the "Connections" series introduces a unique twist in Sean Bonner's exploration of the relationship between absence and presence. Made available during a week in July 2023 while Bonner was on vacation, this piece uniquely addresses the concept of distance in connection. Unlike the preceding pieces, which celebrated direct interaction, this artwork is only available to those from whom the artist is physically distanced, and whom he will not mention the piece to in person during that week. By purposefully embracing this sense of detachment, the piece provocatively investigates the dynamics of our increasingly digitized relationships, posing poignant questions about the roles of proximity and separation in the formation and sustenance of connections.

This fourth piece is available now, until my vacation is over. Lets see how much writing I get done this week...



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