The Crowd Is Testing

Hi Crowd!

This is kind of a test to see if the migration to worked. Hopefully you all receive this without much drama, if it works then I'll get to work on sending out a proper letter shortly. If it doesn't then I'll send an apology on TinyLetter and keep trying. This lovely image I'm sending you is one of my recent holiday creations, which I call "Kraimpus" and I've released as an open edition NFT available until Dec 31st. One of the motivations for moving the news letter is to take advantage of some new features, as TinyLetter was getting a bit stale. If this works, which I don't know if it will yet, then this (and future) newsletters should be readable both in email and online at and you can also add an ethereum wallet to your subscription which should, in theory, allow me to send you things as well as publish special things only for some segment of subscribers. This is all brand new, so we'll have to see how it works. Anyway, like I said, this is a test.

More soon.