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Free wifi, no geoblocking, fully transferrable, live & in person !!!

greetings from supplements aisle of erewhon

ciao enjoyoor and greetings from supplements aisle of erewhon,

this week's newsletter is dedicated to the kind lads who offer us free wifi in our times of need. we are excited to see all of you who find yourselves in LA this week for FarCon. Seed Club is hosting a bunch of events this week, from a rooftop soiree on Wednesday, to a live recording of Internet Explorers on Friday, to FREE WIFI on Saturday, and AIRPLANE MODE on Saturday night. i need to see you at every single one of these events or my condition will worsen.

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Archetype is an early-stage venture fund focused on accelerating the decentralized future, headquartered in NYC. They back the next gen of crypto founders who are disrupting the status quo, creating entirely new markets, and dedicating themselves maniacally to their craft. Their crypto-native team brings experience across investing, engineering, operations, policy, community-building, and more to help obsessed founders and innovative builders go from 0x to 1.

Zerion is a smart web3 wallet and investing tool that enables anyone with a mobile phone to live relentlessly onchain. With a focus on user-centered design and a tech stack that aggregates across every major wallet, network and decentralized exchange, users are offered a single point of entry for managing all their digital assets. Zerion API powers leading dapps like Rainbow, Uniswap, and Wallet Connect.

Boost is an onchain incentives toolkit for communities to distribute tokens. With Boost, protocols, creators, and communities can target wallets and incentivize them to complete specific onchain actions. Boost is used by crypto's largest creators and protocols to drive onchain actions & distribution.

Privy is the easiest way to bring your users onchain, powering many of the most popular onchain apps like Zora, OpenSea, Blackbird, and Courtyard.

Use Syndicate's APIs and infrastructure to easily build highly scalable, user-friendly, onchain products at scale

Slow Rodeo is harnessing the power of emergent technology to build brands as social platforms around the interests that move us most.

$ENJOY, the first tradable ERC-20 token on Zora Network, is reshaping onchain media creation and curation by enabling the easy rewarding of enjoyable onchain content. Enjoy's points system recognizes unique contributions to the scene, effectively bridging the gap between online creators and enjoyoors and real-world value. The most enjoyable scene you will ever meet.

Internet Explorers is a weekly rundown live stream where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Live & online Fridays at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Watch the episode with guest host Gaby Goldberg!

We're hosting FREE WIFI and AIRPLANE MODE on Saturday, May 4. Join us for an exotic unconference style exploration of /CONSUMERCRYPTO during FarCon in Venice, CA. A full day (and night) of festivities including workshops, panels, product activations, drinks, art, music, enjoyment, sunshine. A Seed Club Production brought to you by our friends at Slow Rodeo, Archetype, Zerion, Boost, Syndicate, Privy, Mirror, $Enjoy, and more!

We're hosting FarCon’s Welcome Party on a rooftop in Venice Beach on May 1st!!! A curated, multi-day experience, FarCon is designed to convene, connect, and celebrate the driving forces behind Farcaster's ecosystem. Join us.

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