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and brief thoughts on why I am choosing web3/emergent tools first.

Web 2 ---> Web 3 jump

If you've read the most recent post, you may have noticed I have opted out and chosen to move to Paragraph for the newsletter. I had many reasons for this, but the most important one is that I wanted to lean deeper into the emergent tech side of why platforms like this should become the new norm.

Within all of my posts are explorations into how we leverage these creative tools to help express, connect, and fund ourselves in the endeavors of our choosing. I think Paragraph is a great primitive for this, leveraging collectability, new monetization primitives, flywheel-style incentive models, and just a more robust newsletter experience.

Ideate And Build In Public

So much of online sharing is simply a regurgitation of information, but few who share are actually using the tools they tout. If there is anything I have learned from being in Web3, it is that the rewards are great when you just try stuff out. And the "build in public" rhetoric resonates with me greatly. Not only do I want to showcase amazing creative tech, design, and culture, but also show them in applied fashion, through my own experiences. Within my own experiments. All while I build my own practice with Caten8ted.

I originally was sending out the first couple of posts every week on Thursday, but I found that the buildup of collecting things for a week give cause to delay and I would procrastinate. The speed of the internet is much faster, but our brains have been cooked by this as well. If we don't keep aware of our own pace, we also move on from our own decent ideas. And in that, consistency leads to better results. So the plan moving forward is to post as much as possible, daily even if I can.

But on to the point of this post.

Links To Get Distracted To

  1. AI Town project supports running llama3 locally

    AI games that use all AI, but running it locally is where things get interesting. a16z project that now lets you do all this locally with new models like llama3 that just released.

  2. Creative Venture Studio Garden X launches Eternal Garden on Crowdmuse

    Garden X launches the capsule for their new project, Eternal Garden. Spanning multiple mediums and media types by their core creative team, the book is the physical artifact of the ongoing capsule. The drop is happening right now on Crowdmuse, a web3 ecommerce platform.

  3. Adds New Feature To Upload Links for Tracks. helps you discover new tracks that are similar to whatever artist you are into leveraging ML(machine learning). Now they have added a link to upload your own tracks to build the library. Also secretly lets you listen to tracks on youtube without ads if you're smart.

  1. 0xca0a writes A Hover Code Example In react-three-fiber

0xca0a took someones framer example and write it in react-three-fiber. Just for the vibes, really cool working example of react-three-fiber capabilities, worth jacking if you are looking for some cool interactivity on a webpage.

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