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Lady and the Tramp

When I was 21 years old, I got a tattoo on my wrist, two dice that together form the number 23.

A few years later, I met her; she was 23 back then.

In December 2019, I applied for a Digital marketing seminar by Google, and somehow my application was among the 120 that were selected from a pool of more than 1500 people.

I didn’t take it very seriously, missed the first day because I was on a trip to Crete.

So, on the second day, I finally joined the seminar,

and as I walked down the stairs of the amphitheater for the first time, I saw her..

Οur eyes met, the time frozen and we stared at each other for just 1 second.

It was enough to create one of the most memorable moments of my life.

It took me some time to understand how much I had underestimated her on our first dates.

We belonged to 2 different worlds.

She was and still is extremely smart, business oriented, a master of social skills and physical networking.

 But also kind, open-minded, and bright as sunlight.

The stuff you see on Money Twitter? Business tricks, growth hacks, and all that?

She was teaching sales and performing team-bonding activities at established businesses.

On the other hand, there was me, just a curious hustler, party animal, with a seemingly useless degree in history, years of heavy physical work in my back.

 I had just begun to explore the Internet, besides social media and games.

All the stuff that CT tells you not to do cuz they are counterproductive and unhealthy?

I still do most of them, sometimes I am happy to do them, and other times not so much.

I still can’t believe how bright she is, given that her past is probably the most difficult story I've heard in my life, at least from the people I've been close with.

But that smile of hers made me feel things I never imagined possible, it took me almost a year to admit I was in love.

“That’s a lovely story, but what does this have to do with Web3?”

Because my sister in Christ, she’s the reason I’m in Web3.

She made my CV,

She supported me in a practical and emotional way all the time I was trying to land a damn job,

She made me believe that I was worth more than I used to think,

She was holding the camera for all 4 hours that it took me to pitch my script for that imaginary interview that gave me the job and the entry into the Web3 realm.

And whenever I was frustrated with myself for not being able to say three sentences in English, she was teaching me public speaking tips.

The most important thing though is, that she made me sentimental again.

But that also went very wrong, because when she told me that she didn’t feel that way anymore, I almost lost it.

I have never wished to travel back in time, to fix my mistakes with her, so badly.

And you know what?

The reason I haven’t let my self-righteous side take over yet is Web3.

You, the beautiful people inside this weird, magical bubble.

The moral of this story is to say to you that nothing can make you evolve more than a person who believes in, supports, and loves you.

 Finally, it’s time to reveal, why I chose to start my on-chain journey today, with this story.

Today is June 23, 2023.

It’s her birthday.

I won’t reach out because I am afraid of her and I can’t handle the pain she brings me anymore.

But I would like to share and wish to you what I wrote for her in my diary, this morning.

“May the future bless you so much, that your smile will bring light even in the bottomless dark of the human souls around you"

Thank you for reading fam,

Much love,

Senti 🪄