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Crypto Themes & Thoughts of 2023

A living list of stuff I'm looking at through time. Definitely N.F.A., and "loosely held".

February 2023

Because it seems their time has come

These two feel like the most important

  • ETH scaling with Layer 2, sometimes with privacy: Arbitrum, zkSync, Starknet, Aztec, Polygon Hermez,...

    • We'll probably see relatively low-value-add L2s like we saw with Alt-L1s last cycle, where most of the TVL is the L2's own token. Those are likely not worth anyone's time.

  • SmartContract Wallets, or Smart Wallets, or "the future of wallets" because "Seed-Phrases" kill adoption. Currently they're all "missing" something, but they'll get there.

This is Interesting

  • Privacy Tech:

  • Liquid Staking: Lido, Rocketpool, and DVT (Obol)

  • Modular setup & Shared Security: EigenLayer, Celestia, Cosmos, Fuel

  • Social Experiments: Optimism & Canto

  • Social Networks: Lens, Farcaster, Nostr

  • #RealYield: GMX et al.

  • Regen: with VCM markets first (Klima)

  • "pure information" assets (RWA) moving on-chain first: VCM, Indices (ie:QQQ is on Gains.Trade), Loyalty points

Proll'y Bullcrap

  • AI coins

  • Memechains

  • A new Alt-L1 for no good reasons (written in "move", higher TPS,...)

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