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Sfermion's Collider #30

Curated news and updates from the world of web3 and gaming.

Sfermion is an investment firm focused on backing the founders building the metaverse.

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Welcome to the 30th edition of Sfermion’s Collider where we highlight the latest & greatest news in the world of web3 and gaming!

Weekly, we aim to drop a curated list of the most exciting stories & updates that we believe are enabling the emergence of the metaverse.

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Web3 Updates

SEC Sues Crypto Exchange Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao, Alleging Multiple Securities Violations (link)

SEC sues Coinbase alleging securities rules violations (link)

Binance US pauses USD fiat channels due to SEC filings. All assets remain 1:1 backed and users have until about June 13th before things pause. (link)

Binance US to pause OTC Trading Portal, delisting some trading pairs after SEC suit (link)

SEC names more tokens as securities : solana (SOL), cardano (ADA), polygon (MATIC), filecoin (FIL), sandbox (SAND), axie infinity (AXS), chiliz (CHZ), flow (FLOW), internet computer (ICP), near (NEAR), voyager token (VGX), dash (DASH) and nexo (NEXO). (link)

Apple showcases Vision Pro AR headset at WWDC (link)

Naomi Osaka partners with Meta to release digital apparel line (link)

Volcano Energy secures $1B for revolutionary Bitcoin mining project in El Salvador (link)

Google now offering $1M crypto mining attack protection (link)

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to bring blockchain to browsers with .box web domain name rollout in September (link)

Etherscan rolls out advanced-filtering beta (link)

Mark Cuban collaborates with to release NFT e-book on Polygon (link)

Sudoswap V2 goes live with new features such as on-chain royalties, erc-1155 support, and more (link)

Magic Eden’s Ordinals API is now live (link)

Binance adds Bitcoin NFTs to its marketplace one day after SEC lawsuit (link)

Kraken NFT marketplace launches with over 250 collections (link)

MetaMundo (💰) launches fiat payments and non-custodial wallets for wider 3D avatar purchasing (link)

Tensor partners with Metaplex to bring launchpad services to the leading SOL trading marketplace (link)

Mint Square, ETH ZK L2 NFT Marketplace, announces they will be ending their services by June 30th (link)

Devour forges partnership with Alterverse to bring the world’s first web3 food ordering marketplace to the metaverse. (link)

Gaming Updates

Illuvium partners with GameStop for a Promo D1SKs sale. Each GameStop x Illuvitar D1SK contains a unique GameStop-branded Illuvitar (link)

Telos Foundation partners with GameStop to introduce the GameStop Playr, a new Web3 game launcher bringing mainstream gaming to Web3 (link)

NEAR Foundation forms strategic partnership with MARBLEX to expand Web3 ecosystem (link)

Immutable (💰) Introduces the Immutable Product Roadmap, with a commitment to transparency and building in public (link)

Twitch Co-Founder's Fractal launches tools to help devs build NFT Games (link)

Twitch release absurd new Ad / creator monetization ruling, and faces immense backlash which leads to an immediate withdrawal of the initiative (link)

Fortnite releases recap/update info on UEFN engagement payout (link)

NFL-team Chicago Bears enters the metaverse with a custom Fortnite experience (link)

Optimus Prime rolls into Fortnite's latest season (link)

Attack on Titan VR game coming to Meta Quest 3 by winter 2023 (link)

Pokemon GO creator launches Wol, a mixed-reality game that takes you through Redwood forest (link)

Sony plans to leverage AI in its quest for cloud gaming, but CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has concerns (link)

IndiGG (💰) and Metapixel partner to push their web3 MMORPG Gran Saga: Unlimited in India (link)

Left Fielder Media collaborate with Neon to bring characters to life in Shrapnel (link)

Jungle, a highly anticipated web3 mobile shooter, releases alpha leak alongside genesis NFT details (link)

Netflix is launching its Queen’s Gambit chess game in July (link)

Diablo 4 is now Blizzard's fastest-selling game of all time (link)

Research & Interesting Reads

Multicoin Capital | The Convergence of Crypto and AI: Four Key Intersections

Messari | Growing Synergies in AI and Crypto

Zee Prime Capital | Decentralized Storage and Commerce in Web3

TCG Crypto | In Crypto, Acquisition is Easy-- Retention is Hard

Naavik | Roblox Brings Scarcity To UGC

Bankless | Vitalik’s Warning and EigenLayer's Promise

DappRadar | Ultimate Champions: How to Play and Earn

Decrypt | Apple Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest 3: What's the Difference?

Sequel | A Deeper Look into the Future of Esports at Riot Games

Newzoo | Transmedia in games: trends, success factors, market insights

Kevuru Games | The Difference Between Unreal Engine 4 and 5

Hayes | Patience is Beautiful

NFT Drops & Updates

Louis Vuitton announces limited edition NFT+physical Treasure Trunk. The 160-year-old collection’s latest design, named VIA Treasure Trunk, is designed as a soulbound token that lets owners unlock never-before-seen creations of the Maison, Louis Vuitton’s design house (link)

Warner Bros announces the ‘The Superman Web3 Movie Experience’, highlighting the classic movie in 4K Ultra HD format on June 9. The collectibles being sold unlock immersive experiences, unique features, an image gallery, cinematic editions of the movie, rare illustrations by iconic DC artists, and more. The Standard Edition collection of the NFT drop is available for $30 from June 9 – 16. (link)

Gutter Cat Gang, Lamelo Ball, and Puma partner up for web3 phygital sneaker launch (link)

RTFKT joins forces with CAA to further support the RTFKT community and creators (link)

0n1Force is coming to metaverse via a partnership with Theia3D. Theia will help expand the IP across the metaverse, starting with an 0N1 World in Fortnite Creative 2.0. (link)

ALTs by Adidas teases that chapter 2 will begin by end of June (link)

SnowFro mints 17 more squiggles that will be gifted to invaluable folks along SnowFro and Art Block’s journey (link)

Notable Raises

The venture capital arm of StepStone Group (STEP), a global private markets firm with $138B AUM, has raised a combined $96.54M for two blockchain-focused private equity funds. (link)

Taiko raises $22M across two rounds, led by Sequoia China and Generative Ventures, respectively for its ‘Type 1 zkEVM’. (link)

Meanwhile, a digital asset-denominated life insurance provider, raises $19M across two rounds. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman co-led the first, with Google’s Gradient Ventures leading the second. (link)

Aave Companies announced today that $15M in funding (led by IDEO CoLab Ventures) has been raised for Lens Protocol – the user-owned social layer of the Internet. (link)

HyperPlay raise $12M from Griffin Gaming Partners, Bitkraft, MetaMask, and others in order to build the a web3-native game store and launcher. (link)

Informal Systems raise $5.3M in a funding round, led by CCMC Global, to boost its security auditing division, Informal Security. (link)

Battle Infinity, P2 gaming metaverse platform received a $3.5M strategic investment from Bitgert Ventures. (link)

Spinamp raises a $1.2M pre-seed led by Palm Tree Crypto, to further build out their Music NFT aggregator and player. (link)

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