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Sfermion's Collider #37

Curated news from the world of web3, gaming & entertainment, macro, AI, and more

Sfermion is an investment firm focused on backing the founders building the metaverse.

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Welcome to the 37th edition of Sfermion’s Collider where we highlight the latest & greatest news in the world of web3, gaming & entertainment, macro, AI, and more!

Weekly, we aim to drop a curated list of the most exciting stories & updates that we believe are enabling the emergence of the metaverse.

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Web3 Updates

Southeast Asia super-app Grab adds support for web3 services (link)

JPMorgan exploring blockchain-based payment and settlement system (link)

Visa’s crypto stablecoin settlement expands to merchant acquirers via Solana (link)

Swift unlocks potential of tokenization with successful blockchain experiments (link)

Race for a spot ether ETF begins with bid from Ark Invest, 21Shares (link)

MetaMask adds 'cash out' function allowing users to sell crypto for fiat (link)

Drake-Backed Crypto Casino Stake Loses $40M in 'Unauthorized' Transfers (link)

FBI blames North Korea’s Lazarus Group for $40M Stake hack (link)

Half of the People in Turkey Now Own Crypto (link)

Chinese fintech giant Ant Group launches overseas blockchain brand ZAN (link)

Robinhood Buys Back Sam Bankman-Fried’s Seized Shares Worth $600M (link)

Casio to release virtual G-SHOCK NFTs on Polygon (link)

OP Labs hires former Google exec as chief operating officer (link)

DApp store for your wallet: Consensys readying cross-chain Metamask Snaps (link)

Riot compensated $30M to shut off Texas bitcoin miners in August (link)

Vitalik Buterin co-authors paper on regulation-friendly Tornado Cash alternative (link)

Storygrounds (💰) announces Storygrounds Alpha with pre-registration now live! (link)

Avalanche and Hyperspace (💰), a leading marketplace & launchpad on SOL and Sui, forge partnership (link)

Individual loses $24M in likely crypto phishing attack (link)

ByBit Launches AI-Powered Trading Assistant (link)

Monax Labs launches Aspen to guarantee royalties for Web3 creators (link)

Kraken gradually rolling out PayPal deposits in UK and Europe (link)

Gaming Updates

Google loosens ad guidelines for NFT game providers (link)

PUBG Developers Unveil Cosmos-Based Settlus Blockchain for USDC Settlements (link)

NPixel is looking to sunset metaverse/web3 operations (link)

UAE Looks Set to Legalize Gambling (link)

Roblox Is Finally Coming to PlayStation This Year (link)

Hurley Drops Super Surfer Game NFTs on SKALE Blockchain (link)

MrBeast-Promoted 'Creator League' Postponed After Gamers Bail Amid NFT Backlash (link)

Gala Games Co-Founders Sue Each Other Alleging Corporate Waste, $130M Theft (link)

YouTube’s latest experiment is playing games (link)

TikTok wants to become mobile’s new launchpad, not a game platform (link)

Epic Games Embraces AI In Games, In Break With Steam (link)

Former PlayStation boss says Amazon, Netflix pose huge threat to the game industry (link)

Cradles is set to launch its open beta on September 10th (link)

Enjin Blockchain is finally launching on September 13th (link)

Deadfellaz announces TCG and pre-access vault sale (link)

Sorare unveils 3D and AR player cards (link)

Noonoouri becomes first digital artist to be signed by Warner Music (link)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile already has 17 million pre-orders (link)

AI Updates

Elon Musk Reportedly Wants to Fold Neuralink and Tesla Into One Big Weird AI Company (link)

Arm, the Softbank Group-owned chip designer, is headed for a $52 billion IPO (link)

Google DeepMind co-founder argues US should set AI global standards (link)

OpenAI Plugs ChatGPT Into Canva to Sharpen Its Competitive Edge in AI (link)

Google's Generative AI Tools Now Turn Text Into Online Worlds (link)

Other Updates

China Bans iPhone Use for Government Officials at Work (link)

The End of Airbnb in New York (link)

Clubhouse is trying to make a comeback (link)

Research & Interesting Reads

Delphi Digital | Opportunities in Web3 Mobile Gaming

Konvoy | Distributing Games on TV

David Phelps | The Proto-App Thesis

GamesTX | Gala imbroglio

Metaversal | Arbitrum: The Future of Gaming

Eigenlayer | Intro to EigenDA: Hyperscale Data Availability for Rollups

Polygon Labs | Lawnmower Racing, NFT-Powered Girl Capitalism and the Rise of Korean Web3 Superpower

Polygon Labs | Hang’s Guide to Next Gen Loyalty in Web3

NFT Drops & Updates

Yuga expands TwelveFold collector experience with cipher puzzle series, spanning 12 weeks with weekly BTC rewards (link)

Reddit Kicks Off Football Season With NFTs of Every NFL Team (link)

Zynga’s Sugartown will have their first NFT mint on September 13th (link)

Via AnotherBlock, Justin Bieber Producer Is Selling Royalties for the Song 'Company' as NFTs (link)

Casio to release virtual G-SHOCK NFTs on Polygon (link)

Hot Wheels Introduces New NFT Collection: Garage Series 6 (link)

“Captain Tsubasa” Tsubasa Team Collection - Sandbox Avatars (link)

Notable Raises

Podium (💰) raises 2M€ from Fabric Ventures, Sfermion, and Seedcamp to further develop fantasy sports data tooling (link)

Coinbase shares more on The Base Ecosystem Fund, and announces their first 6 investments : One of them being Paragraph (💰), an on-chain newsletter & publishing platform (link)

Story Protocol launches with $54M round led by a16z to tap IP ownership (link)

aelf Ventures Launches $50M Ventures Fund to Boost Blockchain Innovation (link)

Alpha Protocol Ventures (APV) has established a $20M fund to invest in undervalued Web3 projects and companies focused on blockchain gaming and tokens (link)

Pantera Capital leads $16.5M round for StarkWare-powered DEX Brine Fi (link)

Trident Digital Group, a newly launched startup founded by former Coinbase executives, raised $8M (led by Whitestar and New Form) for its “next generation” crypto lending business (link)

Galactic War P2E Game Receives $6M Funding from KaJ Labs (link)

Interoperability Protocol Socket Raises $5M Co-Led by Coinbase Ventures and Framework Ventures (link)

Web3 arts startup TRLab raises $5M from Hivemind Capital, OKX Ventures (link)

Gleen announces a $4.9M fundraise to push the boundaries of customer support using generative AI (link)

GAM3S raises $2M to build the #1 web3 gaming platform (link)

Helix raises $2M to connect crypto investors with private credit yields (link)

Metahorse Unity raises $1.9M to continue building the ultimate RPG horse racing game (link)

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