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Sfermion's Collider #41

Curated news from the world of web3, gaming & entertainment, AR/VR, AI, macro, and more

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Welcome to the 41st edition of Sfermion’s Collider where we highlight the latest & greatest news in the world of web3, gaming & entertainment, AR/VR, AI, macro, and more!

Weekly, we drop a curated list of the most exciting stories & updates that we believe are enabling the emergence of the metaverse.

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Web3 Updates

UBS taps Ethereum to pilot tokenized money market fund (link)

SEC’s Motion to Appeal Loss in Ripple Case Is Denied (link)

Ether futures ETFs from ProShares, VanEck and others go live (link)

Crypto-friendly Rep. Patrick McHenry becomes speaker pro temp following House speaker oust (link)

Adidas and Moncler Collab Features AI 'Adventurers' and NFTs (link)

NFL Alumni Group partners with Aventus Network to help retired NFL players launch fan-focused web3 experiences (link)

Tokenization is “securitization done on steroids” — Franklin Templeton CEO (link)

IYK introduces the IYK platform for self-serve digi-physical experiences and asset creation (link)

OpenSea introduces OpenSea Studio, a one-stop shop for creators to launch and manage their projects (link)

Zora goes live with zero fee minting (link)

Flow looks to expand into the EVM (link)

Binance Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged FTX Sabotage Claims (link)

BlockFi to move forward with Chapter 11 plan (link)

Sam Bankman-Fried considered paying Trump $5B not to run for office, Michael Lewis claims (link)

Is Amazon’s investment in Anthropic a win for FTX creditors? (link)

Jump Trading lost more than $200M in FTX collapse (link)

60 Minutes with Michael Lewis - The Rise and Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried (link)

RFK promises to end “White House war on Bitcoin” (link)

Chainalysis lays off 15% of staff (135 people), plans to focus on public sector (link)

Another Polygon exec departs (link)

Gaming Updates

South Korean gaming titan Wemade taps Chainlink for interoperable Web3 gaming ecosystem (link)

Animoca Brand Japan Partners with Drecom to Expand Web3 Gaming (link)

Line Next launches Sweet Monster Guardians Web3 game on Game Dosi (link)

Nitro Nation NFT Racing Game Hits iOS and Android (link)

Gamefam brings Barbie and her Dreamhouse to Roblox (link)

Elon Musk Livestreams Diablo IV on Twitter to Show Off Twitch-Like Feature (link)

Fortnite brings in-game age ratings to player-made content (link)

Epic is changing Unreal Engine’s pricing for non-game developers (link)

Nintendo Confirms Lego & Animal Crossing Collab (link)

Niantic launches first in-game 'rewarded AR' advertising collaboration in Pokémon Go (link)

What Resident Evil Village on iOS tells us about the future of AAA mobile game development (link)

Meta owns all four of the top ad networks for mobile games in Q2 2023 (link) State of the mobile market in Q3 2023 (link)

Gamalytic: 67% of games on Steam earned less than $5k (link)

Global VC deals declined in Q3 for the second quarter in a row, hitting 3-year lows (link)

AI Updates

National Security Agency is starting an artificial intelligence security center (link)

Tim Cook confirms Apple is researching ChatGPT-style AI (link)

OpenAI to Challenge Apple Watch (link)

OpenAI examines producing AI chips in-house (link)

Wikipedia explores AI-powered knowledge access with ChatGPT plugin (link)

Anthropic in Talks to Raise $2B From Google and Others Just Days After Amazon Investment (link)

Meta said it's been using your public Instagram photos and Facebook posts to train its AI (link)

Other Updates

Walt Disney Pictures VFX Workers Vote to Unionize With IATSE (link)

Health care workers (75K+) launch strike against Kaiser Permanente (link)

Krispy Kreme puts Insomnia Cookies brand up for sale as it doubles down on doughnuts (link)

TikTok to halt transactions on its app in Indonesia from Wednesday (link)

Research & Interesting Reads

1kx | Exploring the Design Space for Dynamic NFTs

Galaxy Digital | Bitcoin Inscriptions & Ordinals: A Maturing Ecosystem

Konvoy | Haptic Technology

Sequoia | AI’s $200B Question

Naavik | The Evolution of Hybridcasual

The Generalist | What do venture capitalists do?

GameDiscoverCo | Most PC games gross <$1,000: should we be worried?

Bloomberg | Airbnb Is Fundamentally Broken, Its CEO Says. He Plans to Fix It.

Yahoo Finance | Energy consumption 'to dramatically increase' because of AI

NFT Drops & Updates

Pudgy Penguins Debuts NFT Toys In Smyths Toys Stores Across The United Kingdom (link)

Adidas and Moncler Collab Features AI 'Adventurers' and NFTs (link)

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri says he’s still bullish on NFTs (link)

Nike drops first physical sneaker for dotSWOOSH holders (link)

RTFKT releases details on Nike Dunk Genesis forging (link)

Diesel and Fossil Group announced the launch of Vert, a timepiece collection part of Diesel’s ongoing Metamorph project (link)

MoMA drops 15 artist-designed NFT postcards (link)

Starbucks launches Pumpkin Spice Latte as an NFT (link)

Costa Rica is funding coffee research through an NFT collection that is inspired by 12 of CATIE’s coffee varietals (link)

Marvel and Funko Ally to Laud Iron Man’s Heritage on VeVe (link)

Magic Eden introduces English Auctions for Ordinals (link)

Yuga Labs cuts employees for metaverse plan restructuring (link)

Proof reduces team size (link)

Notable Raises

Fountain (💰), brokerage for art on the blockchain, comes out of stealth with raise news (led by Collab+Currency + participation from Sfermion, 6529 Capital, Cozomo, etc) and product details (link)

Greylock secures $1B for its 17th fund amid launch of early-stage founders program (link)

CMCC Global Raises $100M for Hong Kong-Based Blockchain Companies (link)

Visa launches $100M venture fund for generative AI startups (link)

Deus X Capital launches with former Galaxy exec Tim Grant as CEO - Deus X claims to have amassed $1B in investment assets and capital. (link)

Andreessen Horowitz leads $24M Series A round for web3 restaurant loyalty app Blackbird (link)

TON raises 8-figure sum from MEXC to make Telegram a Web3 super-app (link)

Web3 social platform Phaver raises $7M in seed funding, led by Galileo (link)

Yuga Labs reveals a strategic investment into Hadean, spatial computing startup (link)

Studio Sai secures $7M in seed funding, led by Krafton, to develop its second title (link)

Sad Cat Studios raises $5M investment, led by GEM Capital investment (link)

GameFi platform NexGami raises $2M from Polygon Ventures, Fundamental Labs, and Ledger Capital. (link)

Paima Studios receives $1.4M grant from the Cardano to build Autonomous World infrastructure (link)

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