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Only Son

So you thought that I was done?
you thought i wasnt strong
when you threw me away, it was like handing me the gun
I was so sick of all the things that mattered
In the end, they all end up shattered
I'll piss you away lets watch what you become
Im creative crazy and complicated
imperfectly perfect thats how you made me
some people call me crazy, while most just hate me
Everything aggravates me.
No,  you cant save me
the hate motivates me 
i live my life on the run
emotions like a loaded gun
Am i the only one?
Am I  the only son?
Hell bent and i love it
I lust obtain and touch it
im a bit insane but i never said that i wasnt
I'm so  sick of all your excuses for why you abuse me
this time i walked away; next time you should probably run
creatively crazy at being complicated
imperfect is what you made me
The pain motivates me
the gift of rage you gave me
maybe it's what saves me
living my life on the run
 stairing down the barrel of a loaded gun
Am I the only One?
i am your only son
creative, crazy, and complicated
imperfectly perfect
is what you made me
 people say im crazy
Most just  fear and hate me
Am i the only one?
living my life on the run
Why didn't you love your son?
Hell bent, and i love it. I lusted after it, obtained it, and touched it.
Im a bit insane but i never claimed that i wasn't 
im so sick of all the excuses for why you hate me and abuse us
One day, you will pay for
 what you have done
another day, another dollar
A little boy needed a father
Did you make me just to hurt and forsake me?
All the things that you hated, see you created 
one day, you will feel the pain you gave your son 
Im a bit Crazy and Creative
but no more feelings of rage or hate for me
I found the creator to be the one true father, who
 raised me from the grave and every day i thank him
For the gift he gave, and I am so thankful that he saved me.
It seems the evil parts of me  was left in hell to burn
J Williams

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