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deterrent or motivation?

Friction is bullish. When things are easy, people tend to lose interest more quickly.

A healthy struggle can lead to effort and intrigue, like a challenge that rewards successful participants.

I see an opportunity in front of us with Farcaster (and Web3 overall).. No one knows what they are doing, completely. Developer tasks aren't easy (initially). We are all throwing guesses out there and seeing what works and what doesn't. A shiny new thing becomes obsolete with haste and optimizations show themselves at an increasing rate.

Curious minds, up for a challenge, are participating in building, sharing, experiencing, and teaching. The excitement of discovering new tech is encouraging for devs and users alike. We want to be part of something bigger. We want to contribute to improving the world we know. We want to shed light on the world we don't yet understand.

I am inspired, more than ever, to integrate my creations and ideas with technologies that can potentially change the world. There is no ceiling. The walls are transparent. Opportunity is knocking.

For the first time in awhile, I am encouraged to participate in a way that doesn't leave me feeling taken advantage of. This time, we control the narrative.

Speaking things into existence is the first step. Getting your hands dirty is the next step. Dusting yourself off and trying again until you're where you want to be is the goal.

It will click sooner or later, but pay attention to where the builders want to build. You'll either be inspired by their creations, or you'll be inspired by the reactions of the users. Then you'll know it really is different this time. See you there.

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