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time and attention: spent wisely?

There are so many things taking our attention. I think of attention as an asset, and there is a finite supply.

It feels good to give my attention to things that benefit me in various ways. I feel guilty giving my attention to things that may subtract and lead me to be less productive.

I have a new criteria for spending my attention. Maybe this will inspire others. If I’m supposed to divvy out my attention, my limited energy, it needs to be both meaningful and purposeful.

How will I gauge this? After a handful of my favorite activities, I will record how I feel, what I’ve learned, and what I hope to accomplish next time around.

What will this do for me? It will allow me to learn how I am responding to different activities, and what I am gaining overall.

I will eventually see if the amount of time spent in an activity is sufficient or appropriate. And I will see if I am lacking attention towards activities, elsewhere in my life. Keeping this as simple as I can. Not looking to give myself a ton of extra work, just be able to track metrics easily and have measurable results.

Some of the main activities I will be tracking are: time spent on Twitter (X), time spent on Warpcast (and other platforms), time spent developing software projects, creating art, time with my family, time at the gym, and time with friends.

I feel like I have a decent balance with sharing my attention, but I know I can improve and would like to see more clearly where and why. I plan to share anything useful that I learn along the way. Thank you for reading and sharing some of your attention with me.

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