[Tutorial] How to transfer -tap tokens on Tap Protocol

Tap Protocol is a new token protocol on Ordinals, released by the trac team on August 7th. The cursed $tap token (referred as -tap) is the first token issued by BennyTheDev, the founder and core developer of trac and Tap Protocol. It adheres to the Ordinals community consensus of "first is first" and has quickly gained attention from Ordinals community. However, because the protocol is relatively new, especially with -tap being issued on cursed inscriptions, many people do not know how to transfer it. So, I am writing this tutorial to share my experience.

  1. First, go to the Tap Protocol official website to check your -tap token balance:

    As shown in the image, the balance of -tap tokens in your wallet is 10,000
  2. Next, visit https://looksordinal.com/ and follow the following steps to inscribe the token-transfer inscription:

    1. Fill in the your wallet address in "Receiving Address"

    2. Select the "text" type.

    3. Use the following content template: {"p":"tap","op":"token-transfer","tick":"tap","amt":"[quantity of tokens you want to transfer]"}. For instance, if you want to transfer 10,000 -tap tokens, the content should be: {"p":"tap","op":"token-transfer","tick":"tap","amt":"10000"}. Note that "tick" should be "tap" instead of "-tap".

    4. Choose an appropriate feerate.

    5. Make sure to tick the "Cursed Inscriptions" checkbox.

    6. Click on the "Inscribe!" button to submit, then pay the fee and wait the transactions to finish.

  3. Go back to the Tap Protocol website to verify your Transferable token amount is expected.

  4. Then you can visit Magic Eden and connect your wallet to find your newly inscribed token-transfer inscription on "My items" page. You need to be patient as the inscription may not show up until 3 block confirmations.

  5. Once you have located it, you can click on the "little paper airplane" icon and send the inscription to the recipient.

  6. Finally, after the transaction is completed, you can check the balances for both wallet addresses on Tap Protocol website to verify if the transfer was successful.

If you want to trade -tap tokens or have any questions, please feel free to contact @shep_eth on 𝕏.

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