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updates from UglyDAO June 21, 2023

So much is happening around the Nouniverse from the members of UglyDAO, we thought we'd start sharing updates on what this busy crew has been up to. And if you don't already know, UglyDAO is made up of nounish builders; the owners of Boxy noun #472 and the Math Can noun #506.

Boxy and MathCan created using Skipper Lee's HD Nouns Playground.

As you go through this week's stories, you can jump to individual tweets by clicking on the Larry bird in the top right corner. Some links within the tweets many only work directly from the tweets.

BUT before you get started, we recommend turning on the new amazing nounish lofi channel by Lil Mike Good, launched this week, for some nounish vibes. He does like those GoodBeats.

Nouns Stories held their Short Shorts film festival this week (congrats to the whole team on amazing production, including Ugly's own Josh Fisher).

Sashquatch attended the premiere in LA while Mr. Boney was at nounish HQ in AUS for the short shorts premiere. Prof Werder created an oncyber gallery with all the shorts and Toady Hawk had a great thread covering all the films.

The Noun Square celebrated one year on the air this week! If you missed it, check out the recording of the 365 minute twitter spaces! Congrats Toady Hawk and team for an amazing run and cheers to many more!

The youngest member of UglyDAO, Lil Purple Blueberry, had an amazing week as well, donating teddy bears to a children's hospital as part of her efforts with her own DAO, Blueberry DAO.

Aubtoshi is on the road with OTG and spent a couple weeks with the amazing NounsBR crew in Brazil, including repainting the noggles obstacle in Rio. Be sure to check out her weekly streams too!

Have you seen the amazing video commentary Super Tight Woody's been doing? Here's a cool one on AI video.

Benbohdi and ThaSwami announced the Rusutsu Noggle Quest coming soon in Hokkaido, Japan! They are nounifying the entire resort! βŒβ—¨-β—¨

Chris CoCreated and Prof Werder both presented at FarCon in Boston, the inaugural Farcaster conference. Chris facilitated an art co-creation session that resulted in an open edition, while Prof moderated the BuilderDAO panel diving into the connection between nounish DAOs and Farcaster (read more here). Recordings of the sessions should be available soon. And if you need any invite to Farcaster, shoot a dm to Prof.

And we'll just let Gami's words speak here:

Yitong going deep...

Dom and Nouns Name Service announced $Noggles:

Have you checked out BradQ's Nouns Intro? It's pretty cool! Great to share with those new to the ecosystem. You can find it here:

While Lil Al was on vacay, this amazing opepen version of his pfp appeared!

And per usual, Ripe was working on something cool. Always.

For more from around the Nouniverse, check our Maty.eth's amazing weekly Nouns Newsletter that covers all the nounish prop news. If you're not subscribed to that yet, are you even nounish anoun?

Mint this week's collectible created using Skipper Lee's HD Nouns Playground or highlight any words in this post to create your own collectible! And be sure to subscribe with your wallet. You never know when we just might send you a little something. For more from UglyDAO, be sure to follow @UglyNouns on Twitter and all the members above.

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