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from the Shipping Department: Ugly casting!

Boxy and MathCan are ready for their close ups!

Before you begin, we recommend a Nouns Lofi or Noun Sounds for background music.

Boxy and MathCan are excited to announce their casting in Nouns: A Movie, The Rise of Blus!

The artists have already started to give us some sneak peeks and UglyDAO is excited to see Boxy and MathCan's Hollywood debut!

Boxy and MathCan aren't the only stars in UglyDAO though! The youngest of the Uggos is always making us so proud! Lil Purple Blueberry built Blueberry DAO to support local children’s charities. For their first project they partnered with Variety-the Children’s Charity in supporting the charity's Bikes for Kids program.

Lil Purple Blueberry presented a bike and ⌐◨-◨ to Evie-Rose, who lives with scoliosis, and with a brother also living with disability. The presentation heralds a new era where digital assets translate to real-world impact. Blueberry DAO, steered by community consensus, is poised to redefine charity, ensuring transparency and direct impact.

"I'm super excited about the collaboration with Variety Children's Charity! When I started Blueberry DAO, my goal was to help kids who need support and make a difference in their lives. Building a community of kind-hearted people who want to help was a big dream, and using blockchain technology to do it allows the community to make decisions together. Plus, I get to make it all fun with my pixel art!

I really hope that other kids and families get inspired by what we're doing. We can all come together and do something good, no matter how big or small. It's amazing to see Variety as part of Blueberry DAO, especially after they joined through bidding on a PURP token. And together we're able to make a child happier through the proposal that the DAO funded for a bike package. Variety's expertise in charities and philanthropy is like a treasure chest of knowledge, and I can't wait to learn from them."

Amazing!! UglyDAO couldn't be prouder of our youngest member! Learn more about Blueberry DAO or pick up a token at:

AND another UglyDAO superstar -- Ripe's Opepen design will be featured in Jack Butcher's next drop 014 -- the Zopepen!

The applause are coming from all around the Opepen community!

And of course there's even a couple editions you can collect that came before the Zopepen! So here's a fab way to collect Ripe's work!

Yeah, I know -- it's a lot already!! And we haven't even discussed onchain summer yet! Yes some of UglyDAO jumped right on the latest L2 -- Base -- with their own art and collections!

And Gami released HD Nouns, with amazing art by Ilustradora, on both Base and Zora's L2s! And they are adorable! If you have a Gnars, you can also claim your HD version at:

And since last we chatted, we had the 2nd Nouniversary! Including an Art.Haus party to celebrate; and a 420 minute Noun Square space! And Sasquatch did some reminiscing:

We have some amazing writers in UglyDAO!

And thinkers...

And this happened...

Plus check out both OTG's On the Air with Aubtoshi and the new ZeroPod with Toady Hawk! Toady even recording a walk thru about Gitcoin Grants:

And for your consideration -- The Noun Square would love your support in the current Gitcoin Grants round:

And how cool is this? New rewards for participating in governance!

And Prof Werder's doing workshops for onchain summer in the Nouns Builder discord -- Build Your DAO on Base! (or OP or Zora!). L2's have come to Nouns Builder. If you're looking to start a DAO, pop by!

OK we know this was long but we've been super busy! For more on all things NounsDAO, check out Maty's weekly newsletter! And congrats on your prop passing Maty!

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