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from the Shipping Department: Penguin Edition

updates from UglyDAO July 13, 2023

We apologize for the delay but we were distracted by penguins. So, yes, first up, Prof Werder assisted Pudgy Penguin CEO Luca Netz with prop 325 to help bring the Huddle into the Nouniverse.

And in related news, The Noun Square's new podcast Zero Rights Reserved is launching with its first guest -- Luca Netz! Toady Hawk and Prof had the pleasure of interviewing the Pudgy Penguins CEO and got super fast editing from Super Tight Woody! Oh and a shoutout to Yitong for the push. A truly ugly collab indeed! Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode!

And Nouns eSports also likes the penguins:

Lil Nouns were first to chat with Luca about the prop on The Lil Nouns Show and were happy to see a Lil Igloo new lil nouner! Thanks for the shoutout Lil Al!

Even Maty's newsletter had a penguin vibe:

Meanwhile, in non-penguin related news, Gami was busy as usual, this week helping Mr. Seaks with the amazing drop on Nifty Gateway!

AND Helping a musician launch her first music NFT:

AND with GnarsDAO celebrating the NounGnarversary with an amazing Prop House! Congrats to all the winners and a special Happy Gnarversary to Gami AND Benbodhi!

And speaking of Behbodhi, he's been coordinating the Noun Square POAPs and what an incredible array of art and artists he has curated! And we loved this shoutout here:

Meanwhile in Japan...the nounish POAP quest is on!

And Aubtoshi was live from her trip to Japan!

And had some amazing photos from her trip!

And some Uggos are always thinking...and doing cool stuff!!

AND Ripe -- we are not sure what you are up to now, but wen mint?

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And this week's collectible is of course Pudgy Penguin related -- art by Skipper Lee and NounsAI.

Penguin popping out the box!

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