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Market march towards efficiency - Blast delivers yield

Blast L2 isn't about flashy tech or speed promises. They get what users want: Yield. Period. That focus is well-timed, too. The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade stabilized crypto yields, and MakerDAO is proving crypto's real-world value by investing in secure US Treasury bonds.

@PacmanBlur, the brains behind Blast, saw both this opportunity and a problem: billions in ETH and USDC sit locked in yield contracts. His solution, the point system, rewards users for on-chain activity, benefiting everyone involved. At the same time, Blast automatically rebase all the locked value's yield through its contract design.

Blast highlighted three key features.

1. Native Yield: • ETH (4%) and stablecoins (15%) bridged to Blast earn yield automatically – no claiming needed. • Blast continuously distributes yield to Dapps with TVL. ex) A Dapp with 7M TVL could earn ~700k a year. They can use this as protocol revenue without charging user fees.

2. Gas Fee Revenue: • Unlike other L2s, Blast's business model isn't based on gas fees. They believe a strong network effect is more sustainable. • Blast programmatically distributes gas fees to Dapps. They can use it for themselves or even subsidize gas fees for users.

3. Airdrop: • 50% of Blast Points are for developers. This was controversial... until it turned out Blast Points are Blast Gold!

Key points about Blast Gold:


Blast Points are limited. And half of these points are already allocated to stakers on the mainnet, amounting to approximately $3B (will go even higher). The same amount of points will be distributed to users who interact with Blast's highlighted Dapps, which users will receive Blast Gold points.

"You don't need to spend a lot of money to earn multipliers." - Blast User Docs


Remember the @blur_io airdrop? Ultimately, it was designed to make active traders and rewarded them.

Pacman and his team value activity above all else. If you get active, rewards will follow. Every single Blast Gold point will be distributed to users through featured Dapps on Blast. These distributions happen manually every 2-3 weeks, and they'll spark something huge after the first distribution.

Think about how quickly Blur got listed on major exchanges and its massive trading volume. Blast's token launch is in May – just 50 days to go!

Here is a list of Dapps that reward Blast Gold Points:
@OrbitLending @ProtocolRec @ThrusterFi @particle_trade@Juice_Finance @ambient_finance @BlastFutures @SynFuturesDef @wasabi_protocol @spacebarxyz @tradeonblitz @Bladeswapxyz @MIM_Spell @YOLO_Blast @capncompany @DecentralGames

more to come...👀

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