7 Lessons from Rocky Bhai (KGF-2)

Rocky Bhai and KGF chapter 2 is all the rage at the moment.

After all, he is the biggest national issue right now!

While its surely a treat for the 📽️ goers, here are a few things we can hope to learn from it.

Greed is (not)good

Though Rocky makes progress and also creates history, it doesn't all end very well for him. At least not yet.

Speed Matters

The pace at which Rocky went gold digging 🤣 was (while greedy) an epitome of efficiency.

Don't talk, show the work

Its not what he says(although he surely talks a good game too) but what he does that makes him a force of nature among friends and foes alike.

Your word is everything

When asked about his obsession and the reason for doing everything, he goes on to explain how much the promise he made to his dying mother mattered to him.

Overcoming your fear is the ultimate test

His courage gives people hope. Following his example they are not only willing to sacrifice their lives but are also prepared to kill for him.

Powerful people make places powerful

Most people are a product of their environment however a few who transcend it can shape the destiny of the time and space they power over.

Nothing is greater than a mother's ❤️

A mothers love and blessing is for sure the greatest thing in ones life.

All that he is, is because of her:

- his courage

- his respect for women

- his extent of honoring his word

How remarkably well the movie captures this emotion, this experience is surely one of the 🗝️ reasons for its success.

This is also why KGF2 is not just a movie but a movement.