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More bonus. More fun.


This is Professor.

Heist Alpha is here.

Buy the dips. Bonus. More fun in Solheist!

Fear & Greed Index

Greed index is still at 74

2%+ and we're about to break ATH for $BTC

Are you buying the dip?

On-chain Update

Solana users:

Solana monthly active users increased by +28.7% thus resulting to the growth of Solana meme projects such as SolHeist

Market Update


Support price at $126 hopefully it holds to bring us further to the upside

Right now the market is consolidating or moving sideways

But the overall outlook is BULLISH!

Did you bagged more $SOL?

Did you know? You can earn $SOL through SolHeist. We have a 100% bonus!

Meme of the Day

You don't want to be late when we go 1000x or more.

Top News

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  2. Make sure to Follow SolHeist

  3. Tag @sol__heist and put in your answer

  4. Random winner will be selected and announced in X

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