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High Ritual and Reorientation

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High Ritual and Reorientation

In a recent contemplative practice, we explored the process of High Ritual, both from the perspective of one guided to love and connection and my own—a depth of hopelessness. It was what one might call a "bad trip," except it wasn't bad at all.

Part of the practice of seeking the ritual is to embrace the lack of control and expectation of the journey. An ideal to be sought is to experience full immersion in the ritual and in the sober daily direction. What is always a trial leaves us wiser, even if that wisdom takes time to receive.

While the high-dose experience is indescribable, the integration process can be summarized as a choice within a moment. We embrace the single truth of change through our capacity to direct it.

The ritual is never necessary for aligning the observable infinities but is often a great reminder of how to approach it with courage and enthusiasm.

Member Spotlight

Steph Macurdy for his efforts in expediting our 501c3 process and introducing Mike to the community.


Ron Rivers joined Josh Mortensen Podcast with Explorer Poet / Josh Mortensen now live:

We submitted a request for expediting our 501c3 status

Significant time was spent by community members mapping out how we might manage and govern land collectively. This includes possible event frameworks as well as community infrastructure. We also have a live task dashboard for participating members.

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