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Beyond Basel - SpiritDAO in Miami!

The latest happenings in the SpiritDAO community.

Art Basel

We begin with some very exciting news, SpiritDAO has been invited by the Artizen Fund to be featured in an event at Art Basel in Miami from December 6th to the 10th!

Beyond Art Basel 12.7 -12.10

This event will showcase art from our graphic novel and provide us with an opportunity to spread our message. We will have graphic novels and books at the event that we will distribute based on individual conversations.

If this event is of interest to you, your support is welcome! Logistics are underway, but you can contact Ron Rivers for more details. We hope to see you at this incredible event!

Artizen Fund Season 3

SpiritDAO has climbed to #5 (out of over 50 projects) over the past few weeks, but we still need your support! This fundraise provides SpiritDAO with the operational funds necessary to more assertively pursue our purposes in 2024. With our infrastructure complete, now it's about spreading our messages and aligning a community around our roadmaps. In a world of ever-increasing disruption, the demand for spiritual alternative grows—help us today!

Reminder: Artizen is sponsoring a 1:1 Funding Match! For every Artifact you purchase ($15) Artizen matches the donation by $15, with 100% of all sales going to the SpiritDAO Community Vault.



🔮 Over the past few weeks we've been dedicating time to the development of a discussion matrix around Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis. This work is supported by Sensemaker AI and is intended to be serve future efforts including a portable card game and digital app to encourage shared sensemaking around our philosophies and practice. Each exercise begins with a passage from the book and includes four open-ended discussion questions. If the matrix is difficult to read, don't worry! This effort will provide the foundation for several new initiatives to be built upon.

🎨 As explored above, we've been focusing on prep work and logistics for our upcoming Art Basel event. This event will conclude an ~6 week travel schedule where we have been speaking about SpiritDAO, our philosophies and practice, and how we as an organization might serve to facilitate action orientation around hyperstructures within the philanthropic community.

📣 Ron Rivers was featured in a MetaFam Community Call on Nov. 3 where he shared an overview of SpiritDAO and how our spiritual orientation differs from the hierarchal salvation narratives.

📢 Ron Rivers will be conducting a four-part lecture series in partnership with the University of South Florida spanning Jan. to Feb. The event is part of their adult learning coursework but is open to students/non-students of all ages. Registration is normally $45, but free with pre-registration. Check out our Eventbrite page for more details and please share!

Two proposals passed in our collaboration hub:

  • ~$850 to fund the purchase of new graphic novels (100 B&W 100 Color). These graphic novels are being held by Ron Rivers who stewards the logistics around shipping for community members and non-members alike! If you would like a graphic novel and have not already received one please let us know!

  • A member requested to be removed from our multi-sig. We honored their request.

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