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Binding Personal Protocols to Collective Action

Progress updates and value reinforcement.

It's been an exciting two weeks at SpiritDAO, below we share relevant updates.

Deepening Value and Structure Connection

One crucial change relevant to dive deep into is some recent changes to our membership tier structure and community organization. SpiritDAO Member Tiers are intended to be a means-based donation to our nonprofit community. The idea is that SpiritDAO members join our community in alignment with our philosophies, practices, and purpose toward realizing the Eight Dignities.

Previously we had organized our community spaces around these membership tiers. This conflicted with our core value of equity (fairness in our personal and systemic relationships), advertising member donations is a means of status signaling. At SpiritDAO we want to make sure that members are in no way limited or categorized in relation to their capacity to donate capital. This method was also creating conflicts with gating our content.

The solution is the creation of four total possible tiers for our community.

  • Verified Members: Members who have completed our onboarding process and earned governance rights.

  • Members: Supporting members who have donated for a membership, but are not active/interested in governing SpiritDAO.

  • Proof of Curiosity: Members undergoing our Proof of Curiosity coursework. This identifier helps existing members proactively support the new member onboarding journey.

  • SpiritDAO Curious: People within our community spaces who do not yet have a membership token.

At SpiritDAO our efforts to bind our personal protocols to collective action is an ever-evolving process. This is a small improvement, but one that deeply aligns with our purpose.

Member Journey Map

Recently we added the member journey map below to help new and/or prospective members better understand the possible pathways to contribution available within the immediate present.

Artizen Funding Round

Our Artizen Fund Season 3 round is underway. We are off to a slow start, but given the length of the fundraise remain optimistic about our opportunities to leverage this opportunity to launch our community efforts. As a refresher, Artizen is sponsoring a 1:1 Funding Match! For every Artifact you purchase ($15) Artizen matches the donation by $15, with 100% of all sales going to the SpiritDAO Community Vault.



👋 We made some updates to our onboard content based off of feedback from member Steph Macurdy. There were some small glitches with some of the videos and we also changed some of the voicing and made some content rewrites for greater clarity. We expect these changes to be finalized and live the week of Nov. 6th 2023.

ğŸŽ© We've worked to further automate our membership process. Now if a member no longer holds a standard membership token, their Verified Member hat (governance rights earned via onboarding) is automatically revoked. If they donate to renew their membership, the hat token is automatically returned! Learn more about our onboarding process.

📜 Updates to our initial community roadmap.

📢 Ron Rivers will be conducting a four-part lecture series in partnership with the University of South Florida spanning Jan. to Feb. The event is part of their adult learning coursework but is open to students/non-students of all ages. Registration is normally $45, but free with pre-registration. Check out our Eventbrite page for more details and please share!

Merged permission roles with our - now Executive Pod members can manage permissions to both from a single source.

📙 Created a free and public Web3 Dictionary - share it!

ğŸŽ‰ SpiritDAO had a presence at ETHMiami! Community members connected and many free books/graphic novels were given away!

Spreading the message at ETHMiami!

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