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Content, Context, Community

One of the conversations often explored within our Town Halls (Every Friday, 4 PM EST) is what's next? Even in our fledging state, SpiritDAO is a dynamic organization with various perspectives on how we might best serve others. This often turns to the ideal next steps, more relevant than ever given our recent fundraiser.

Our initial charter states that SpiritDAO is meant to further the embrace of the single truth and relational universe as a foundation for aligning the observable infinities. In doing so, we seek to develop a robust community whose shared efforts coalesce around furthering the Eight Dignities. We need to grow our community by attracting, retaining, and empowering new members to accomplish this vision. It positions primarily as a membership and fundraising organization, making our most valuable assets community and culture. Additionally, it requires a more significant effort toward cultivating community outreach, events, and onboarding.

If we stay the course, we might use our capital to fund a grant round for marketing/community alignment strategies. Feedback has been that the message is resonating deeply, but it hasn't been enough to generate significant membership interest. To date most of our efforts have prioritized the web3 space, but it's been discussed that some many other potential communities and individuals would find our alternative valuable.

Another potential direction discussed is to export SpiritDAO's infrastructure. Instead of being a framework for the non-religion religion outlined in Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis, we transform into a network of Spiritual communities. This would shift our priorities from community to protocol, which is an interesting direction. We want to begin by developing the tooling necessary to spin up a SpiritDAO chapter and introduce tokenomics for $SELF that would empower communities - ideally with small fee percentages contributing to furthering the Eight Dignities. On the surface, it is an exciting option, but we'd need more research. Essentially, SpiritDAO could become the hub to "bring your tribe onchain."

If we pivot, then we might use this grant capital to fund a hackathon (and ideally attract some sponsors) to iterate around an integrated platform. The scope is fairly simple, as we only use existing protocols. (Something to explore in our upcoming 2/16/24 town hall.) NYC NFT might be the perfect place for this as several members will be there for the event/are local. However, we may want to temper this ambition with greater market research.

These are just two possibilities, but represent the exciting and pivotal moments we embody at SpiritDAO. If you're ever wanted to play a role in building something bigger than yourself, now is the perfect time to become more involved. Start by joining our telegram and discord to connect with our community!

Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis Lectures

Ron Rivers has been conducting lectures on Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis as part of the University of South Florida OLLI Program. The complete lecture series contents and slides have been uploaded to the SpiritDAO community drive and are accessible to members via our portal. Below are the final two lectures from the series. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest community content updates.

  • Individual Actualization

  • Systemic Actualization

Member Shoutouts

We want to recognize member Steph Macurdy for his proactive outreach and engagement. Steph is a champion of SpiritDAO and the vision/values we seek to further and often makes connections to introduce new people to the SpiritDAO community.

Welcoming our newest Advocate Member Lana Dingwall! Lana has been active in promoting SpiritDAO in a variety of channels, has shared Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis with others, and is a leader of the GreenPill Network Ottawa chapter!


Our monthly book distribution metrics were posted in Discord. 15 new books purchased and 187 users reading online!

We had to redo all of our YouTube shorts because of some errors, but they are done! (this took a long time) We have a YouTube Short scheduled every day until June 11th!

Member Ron Rivers has been working on a whitepaper around the intersection of Web3/AI and traditional philanthropy/nonprofit work. It will feature a robust case study on SpiritDAO!

We explored integrating $SELF tokens for membership fees. $SELF are intended to be earned through contribution (time investment) to SpiritDAO. To date we have not formalized a process for automating their distribution. When we move forward it will be possible to empower members to renew their memberships with $SELF. (Creating a separate lock contract that accepts $SELF).

We received our formal incorporation documents!! Next we move to apply for our 501c3!

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