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Mapping Space and Place

Over the past few Town Halls, we've been exploring a variety of directions for SpiritDAO. In the past, we've been focused on finding nine value-aligned members to be the founders and guide the direction of the DAO. Recently, we've been toying with the idea that we may have gotten it all wrong. The most significant path to service is to become an attractor through action. To that end, we share pathways we've been considering.

Deconstruction: We could host a retreat for interested members within the large meta-modern spirituality space to deconstruct SpiritDAO. Our existing infrastructure was never intended to be binding, rather a framework developed by Ron around Self-actualization in the Age of Crisis.

This retreat would be a governance nerd's dream. We would meticulously pick apart our existing infrastructure and protocol to determine what is and is not ideal. This act of renewal would serve several purposes:

  • Broaden SpiritDAO's appeal to the larger metamodern spirituality community by giving them a chance to build something in their image, supported by our present robust infrastructure.

  • Better position SpiritDAO to meet the needs of our growing membership.

  • Provide insights into collaborative opportunities.

  • Serve as an educational retreat focused on DAO building, tokenomics, and community infrastructure.

Land: Another pathway we've recently been exploring is the possibility of establishing a space for SpiritDAO. In alignment with our commitment to the Eight Dignity of Food & Water, we would seek to acquire land through a donation or purchase that our community could steward.

One aspect of this vision that is especially attractive is the capacity to leverage our space for a variety of retreats, rituals, and education seminars. Additionally, it opens up additional grant funding and would allow us to expedite the processing of our formal 501c3 status (we learned last week how the IRS is presently processing applications 5 months older than ours).

This conversations represent a new direction and era for SpiritDAO, one that fill us with great optimism and excitement for the future. If these directions interest you come be a part of the conversation!

Member Spotlight

ğŸŽ‰ We want to welcome JP Miller as our newest Verified Member (voting rights)!

JP has been a consistent presence in our weekly connections, has proactively supported our efforts through the development of outreach strategies, and is always a welcoming face in our communal spaces.



💸 $265 from SpiritDAO's bank account was paid to editors to update the physical copy of Self-actualization in the Age of Crisis. From now on physical, audio, and ebooks purchased will have 'SpiritDAO' as the author and are updated to reflect the new SpiritDAO chapter we co-wrote.

✏ Registered SpiritDAO with and which are necessary for applying for grants / receiving grant funding from foundations and government.

⚖ We connected with the IRS around our 501c3 Status - they are significantly delayed. We are exploring methods to expedite this process.

✏ Submitted SpiritDAO as an organization to be included in Second Renaissance's list

📝 Architected initial drafts of what land acquisition may look like, available for members.

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