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Practical Applications: Defeating the Self-Defeating

Exploring three methods for aligning the moment with our intentions.

This weeks contributors: Ron Rivers

How does an individual close the gap between embracing a philosophy and practice and actionizing it? It’s a question whose answer takes many forms in relation to the ideologies in question. Considering it through embodying being in alignment with the single truth and relational universe we discover pathways to action in a variety of directions and forms.

We might begin with looking to history for possible solutions but unfortunately they fail to meet the needs of the moment. Salvation religions have developed a variety of top-down approaches to actionizing spiritual alignment. Through the submission of personal power to our creations, we have memed a creator into existence and allowed men of power and status to dictate what can and cannot be done in relation to its desires. As evidenced by past and present, pathways to divinity vary in relation to the body and perspective one inhabits. Frameworks of alignment that are inherently exclusive, prioritizing divinity for some through the exclusion of others.

Through our embrace of a relational universe governed by the single truth of change we recognize each as possessing an aspect of embodied infinity. Being both of and within a physical universe of material infinity. To this end the idea of prioritizing submission and obedience in our path to actionization is incompatible with aligning ourselves with the ideal. Our pathways to actionizing alignment is a ground-up approach, tailoring specific approaches individually that simultaneously allow for shared sensemaking and community.

It’s an exploration that could be a book in itself, but we can start simply with the understanding that any direction of focus and energy is an act of mutual becoming. The individual is shaped by the circumstances they inhabit while at the same shaping the external world through their participation. As self-actualizers seeking alignment with the single truth and relational universe, the task becomes bringing our awareness to this phenomenon at will. The greater our capacity to exercise awareness of the immediate present, the greater our powers to direct its flow.

Sounds easy enough on paper, but before we can leverage our embodied infinity we have to be willing to claim the powers we possess. Here we identify conflict with our inheritance of the moment. While aspects of our circumstance are due to the choices and ensuing event chains occurring from them that we create, much of the moment is completely out of our control. It happens to us. The cornerstone of individual actualization is our ability to separate ourselves from these circumstances. To recognize that despite past moments of struggle and strife, they bear no weight on our capacity to reorient the trajectory of our time experience.

Speaking practically, one of the most impactful and immediate positive impacts the individual can make on their lives is the elimination of focus towards self-doubt and deprecation. To start, let us not confuse directing our focus and energy away from feelings of doubt and diminishment with having them. To feel doubt about ourselves and our circumstances is inherently human and, while they can be influenced, are unable to be fully controlled. Dwelling on these feelings and allowing them to shape our thoughts and language within an immediate present however, is something we can actively direct.   

Growing up I was part of a scrappy but ultimately mediocre high school wrestling team. We had a running joke, “A W is a W.”  Whether we earned a win from our opponent getting a point deducted for stalling, or a dominating victory, in the end the event always records itself to history in the same way. It was a constant reminder to count your wins, because it was certain that the next day would bring new challenges. Far too often we proactively drown ourselves in what is wrong and deny the goodness that is rightfully ours to claim. A practice amplified by our being surrounded by institutions that serve to proactively manipulate our emotions for profit. 

This is especially relevant when we find ourselves overcoming challenging event chains. It’s easy to contextualize struggles as eternal and embodied. To frame them as part of us, instead of past moments we once inhabited. Individually actualizing is developing our capacity to separate ourselves from these moments, recognizing the latent divinity of choosing a direction within the immediate present.  Below are three immediate actions you can begin applying today to bring more ideal futures into the present.

  1. When you wake up in the morning, prioritize taking 5-10 minutes before you start your day to map out 1-3 directions that will occupy your focus and energy for the day. Leverage them as a north star for action throughout the day and proactively reorient yourself if you find you’ve veered off track.

  2. When connecting with others, focus on sharing your wins. What’s going well, what you’ve accomplished, and what you’re creating. Avoid focusing on what’s wrong and what hasn’t been going well. We’re not denying our struggles, rather wrapping ourselves in a language that aligns us with our visions of creation instead of distancing us from them.

  3. Celebrate your wins. It’s easy to lose sight of small victories, especially in the context of an expansive and distant vision of the good. In reality, success is only ever the compounding of minor wins over moments. Allow yourself to embrace and enjoy your progress, it will serve to recharge you and reinforce your efforts.

The above represent a small but meaningful effort in mastering the direction of your time experience within the immediate present. Remember that “self” is most accurately described as the relationship between an individual and their circumstances within a given moment. To that end, the elimination of self-defeating and self-diminishing language and thoughts represent an ideal for aligning the observable infinities. We recognize from the onset that we’re not seeking to escape or deny these feelings, rather to recognize our power to separate them from the choices we make within the immediate present.

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