Expectations and the Imposter

Sometimes we confuse our capacity to direct the future with the ability to create it.

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This weeks contributors: Ron Rivers

Our journey of moments often casts us into the turbulent waters of existential questioning. We grapple with feelings of being imposters, doubting our abilities, questioning our worth, and fearing a future of our own making. Over the past weekend I had a long conversation with a close friend around her struggles with hopelessness.  Trapped in a cycle of frustrating occupations, low pay, and medical disabilities that leave her perpetually exhausted and unable to direct her focus and energy towards alternatives as often as she would prefer, she questioned whether this was all there ever would be. Our discussion explored why change is the single truth but focused primarily on how to reframe individual capacity to more actively direct the flow of our time experience. 

When we feel frustration about a circumstance is best described as a misalignment between expectations and the moment.  We imagine ideas of what should happen and then project them onto the world. Confusing our powers of directing the flow of our time experience through our core values of enthusiasm, awareness, and courage with the capacity to stabilize a future. Forgetting that the future isn't there to be known, it's there to be shaped. 

This is why we embrace our authentic imposter, the idea that each of us always inhabits a moment where we possess incomplete information, knowledge, and authority to make ideal decisions. Our worth is not defined by our doubts or perceived shortcomings; instead, it's enriched by these experiences. A significant aspect of this acceptance involves decoupling our self-worth from societal judgment and our external circumstances. Where others and the systems surrounding us say that we should be in contrast to where we are. Our value as humans transcends our past achievements, knowledge, and status—it is our embodied infinity that gives us power over the inheritance of history we inhabit.  

Being authentic in our imposter also involves letting go of actions, individuals, and desires that no longer align with our evolving selves. We are perpetually at the crossroads of creative decision-making, always weighing alternatives. Do we focus on implementing existing visions or invest energy in devising new ventures? Do we begin the journey of mastery towards a new direction or double down on what we know? Awareness of these choices within a given moment is easier said than done, especially considering a circumstance that must prioritize survival. Unfortunately, there is no escaping the effort necessary to transform. All moments spent directing focus and energy towards something are moments spent becoming more. It is equally frustrating and empowering, we must find moments—no matter how small—to guide the flow of experience. At the same time, all intentional effort matters and draw us closer to inhabiting the future we envision.

In her personal circumstance we spoke of the law of attraction, the idea that when you commit yourself towards a specific direction you attract others seeking and sharing the embodied values of said choice. In a relational universe governed by the single truth, we recognize that the world isn’t waiting for us, it emerges through interactions with it. It is at the heart of the personal agency we seek to develop through our embrace of core values and small rituals. Despite the limitations of our circumstance we're not spectators, we're active participants in the shaping of reality in the most literal sense. To that end, choice within the moment represents our greatest expression of divinity. 

Overcoming existential nihilism and embracing our authentic imposter requires a deep shift in self-perception. It involves recognizing our inherent worth, acknowledging our potential for growth and change, and understanding our shared human experience. In alignment with the single truth and relational universe we recognize that each possesses an immense power, but more often than not it remains trapped by the institutions surrounding us. Until we can realize the Eight Dignities this is likely to be the common scenario. Until then we begin the practice of approaching the world without preconceptions, we empower ourselves to more fully express divinity in the moment. 

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💬 It was a great week for community connection, with eight DAO members engaging in some 1:1 conversations to make connections and ideate around the future.

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