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Light Cones as Observing Experience

A brief analysis of light cones and how they relate to our experience of being.

Sensemaking a SpiritDAO community-created weekly column about applying our philosophy and practice to everyday life.

This weeks contributors: Ron Rivers

Light cones are geometrical representations used in relativistic physics to help us understand how information and causality propagate through spacetime. Imagine a beam of light emanating from a single point in spacetime and spreading outward in all possible directions. This expanding structure, forming a double cone with the apex at the event, embodies the future and past light cones. It depicts the potential past and future events that can influence or be influenced by a given event in spacetime. While primarily a tool of relativistic physics, light cones provide insight into our experience as fractional observers within a relational universe governed by the single truth. 

In the above model, the orange arrow represents the individual progressively experiencing the pinnacle of collective, universal being. The bluish/green gradient represents our accessible past, information we can recall to some degree and leverage to make sense of the world. The gray gradient represents an inaccessible past, information forever out of reach for the individual. At any given moment, the contents of our unique light cones are changing, with more and more becoming inaccessible over time. The scientific term is a cosmological horizon, but in science and our journeys, it represents aspects of our experience that we can never know. 

In any moment of awareness, the individual is presented with choices that will determine the trajectory of their light cone. As self-actualizers seeking alignment with the single truth and relational universe, we further our capacity to leverage this knowledge by embracing our core values of Relation, Equity, Awareness, Enthusiasm, and Courage. In doing so, we seek to maximize our capacity and that of those around us to direct the flow of our unique time experiences. 

We express our divinity in the moment by aligning the two observable infinities, the universe itself and our imagination. We can reinterpret our understanding of success, happiness, and purpose by acknowledging that our existence is a complex tapestry of cosmic happenings. Rather than defining our lives by material accomplishments or societal expectations, we can cultivate an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things, fostering a sense of gratitude and wonder for the rich tapestry of experiences that make up the immediate present.

Light cones are another concept of physics and cosmology that helps us navigate our human experience with greater intentionality. In seeking alignment with the single truth and relational universe, we embrace the infinite universe as it is, instead of as we would prefer it to be. It is a path of greater resonance through alignment with nature. An opportunity to free ourselves and humanity from a past we had no say in choosing. 

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