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Math and Matching

Gitcoin Grant Updates and the dissent of math

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This weeks contributors: Ron Rivers

Gitcoin Grants Metacrisis Round Update

Our first week of Gitcoin Grants fundraising has been off to a strong start!

📅 7 Days to go

💰 9 Total Donations from 8 Unique donors for a Total of $1199.53 raised so far!

As a refresher, Gitcoin Grants leverage quadratic funding to distribute matching funds. Quadratic funding is a mechanism that prioritizes the amount of unique contributions of verifiable donors over the amount contained in any one contribution.

This means that, compared to traditional grant funding, your small donations make an outsized impact.

We're translating Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis into a graphic novel that distills the core philosophies and practices in an easy to digest and visually stunning artifact.

If you haven't already, please donate today!

Binding Being to Mathematics

Recently I shared this on Twitter and our discord, but I want to dive deeper into our newsletter. Recently there was a public challenge to the infinite material nature of reality and the single truth it presents. The alternative present was mathematical models to prove absoluteness.

Using mathematics to prove absoluteness as it relates to spiritual transcendence. 

Math is a technology. It is not of nature.

In a relational universe governed by the single truth, the material nature of being is infinite and ever-present now.

Math can never capture the immediate present. It only measures (past) or predicts (future). It knows nothing of the now and is an inadequate foundation for reimagining human spirituality.

Consider also that math is a wholly human creation. Conveniently based on factors of 10, which is unsurprising given our digits and happening to accurately measure the world we perceive through our biological, intellectual, and imaginative capacities. Math is a phenomenal technology that helps us make sense of the patterns in the world. However, it is not a reason to embrace the dogmatic approach of believing that all of our observations must make sense.

Rooting spiritual philosophy in mathematics binds being to an artifact. It denies inherent divinity and attempts to reinforce a static worldview in a universe governed by perpetual change. This empowerment of our creations over us is precisely why we find ourselves entrenched in an age of crisis.

There is nothing absolute in an infinitely evolving universe. Even the single truth is subject to itself.

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