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Our 'New Frontiers' Initiative is Live!

Important updates about the New Frontiers project and SpiritDAO is spearheading.

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Introducing New Frontiers

Today marks the official launch of New Frontiers: The Intersection of AI, Blockchain, and Social Impact Whitepaper.

New Frontiers is a shared effort between members Ron Rivers and Eleazar Adjehoun. The paper is a high-level but detailed overview of how the traditional nonprofit and philanthropic sectors can use Blockchain and AI to strengthen their social impact efforts. It provides context around innovative grant-making mechanisms, community organization, impact and merit, and AI integrations.

New Frontiers provides an easy-to-digest context for those within the traditional social impact spaces to experiment with the novel funding mechanisms and organizational structures that many of us with Web3 already enjoy!

The purpose of this paper is two-fold:

  1. We want to establish the SpiritDAO community as a thought leader in serving other nonprofits and foundations by integrating Web3 and AI technologies into their infrastructure and process.

  2. We are presently conducting outreach to foundations. Our intent is that this effort provides opportunities for our community members to engage in transitioning nonprofits, acting as a revenue source for continued DAO operations and our participating members.

To accommodate this effort we have introduced two weekly training sessions*, one focusing on the technology and another on the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. Members and non-members are welcome to join the training sessions, but only members will have the opportunity to engage in consulting opportunities.

Next steps: We've been building up our launch with direct outreach to foundations and will begin a more public effort today. We appreciate any support you may offer, be sure to follow our X (Twitter) account to help amplify our efforts!

*Don't forget - you can always sign up to host a community learning space (at any interval).

Website Improvements

Let us know what you think in our Telegram and Discord!

Upcoming Project

It's long overdue, but we're ready to move Becoming More to official production and direct sales! We've been exploring initiatives on how to frame the launch and promotion to drive us to a best seller the day of launch! (We'd need to sell ~50 books.)

We'll likely be forming a pod around this and offer compensation for members leading the charge! If you're interested in supporting this effort let us know!


Website updates

New Frontiers: The Intersection of AI, Blockchain, and Social Impact is live!

Integrated Stripe with our bank account, which now supports $USD membership donations! Next step is to abstract away the wallet experience.

Sensemaker AI is now trained on New Frontiers.

We've been making improvements to Sensemaker AI. More to come on this soon.

A proposal has been put forth to purchase more color copies of Becoming More. Members are presently voting on it.

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