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New Website Design & Art Basel Recap

Important updates for the SpiritDAO community and curious!

New Website Launch! has relaunched with a reimagined website to help better share our message, purpose, and practice! Designed after the graphic novel Becoming More, the site tells a story of how we arrived at this moment, provides an opportunity to purchase our Artifacts Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis and Becoming More for Crypto (USD Coming Soon), and provides relevant links to our community and resources. We hope you'll enjoy it and share it with friends and family! has a beautiful redesign you should explore.

Art Basel Recap

Art Basel is a wrap, and SpiritDAO was there and featured! We were chosen to participate in the Artizen Fund's artist showcase at the Trippy Labs Beyond Basel event at Factory Town, Miami. We also spent significant time sharing our message and efforts at the Artizen Fund / Console house and learning from the inspiring creators who were also part of the event!

Unfortunately, our plans did not pan out as intended as there was resistance from Trippy Labs around the setup/distribution of Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis and Becoming More books. We were forced to remove our display, but only after having some great conversations about SpiritDAO and receiving a $75 donation to our Artizen Fundraise Round! (There is still time to donate ETH or USD ($75 Minimum; be sure to enter 'SpiritDAO' as the org. name.)

Despite that minor setback, Ron shared an intimate sermon about binding system and spirit with the Artizen Community that was met with enthusiasm and embrace. Our message resonated deeply, and we imagine that some from the community may join as Members! Additionally, he competed in a small pitch contest representing SpiritDAO and tied for first place (out of 7)!

Ron Rivers standing in front of the SpiritDAO Display.

Artizen Fund Season 3

SpiritDAO has climbed to #5 (out of over 50 projects) over the past few weeks, but we still need your support! This fundraiser provides SpiritDAO with the operational funds necessary to pursue our purposes more in 2024. With our infrastructure complete, now it's about spreading our messages and aligning a community around our roadmaps. In a world of ever-increasing disruption, the demand for spiritual alternative grows—help us today!

Reminder: Artizen is sponsoring a 1:1 Funding Match! For every Artifact you purchase ($15), Artizen matches the donation by $15, with 100% of all sales going to the SpiritDAO Community Vault.



🔮 The discussion matrix built upon Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis is complete! We've been leveraging it during our Wednesday 4 PM EST Contemplative Practice Sessions. As a database, we can build artifacts on top of it; two examples might be a SpiritDAO app for daily philosophy reinforcement and a deck of discussion cards. Do these ideas excite you? Members can submit idea proposals in our collaboration hub. We also intend to integrate this with Sensemaker AI for a better communal experience.

📢 Ron Rivers will conduct a four-part lecture series in partnership with the University of South Florida from Jan. to Feb. The event is part of their adult learning coursework but is open to students/non-students of all ages. Registration usually is $45, but free with pre-registration. Check out our Eventbrite page for more details, and please share!

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