Purpose and Progress

What is SpiritDAO? A members take.

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Purpose and Progress

With all of our documentation and content one of the most frequent questions we get asked is "What is SpiritDAO?" What began as a vision outlined in the final chapter of Self-actualization in the Age of Crisis in 2021 has morphed into a formal community with structure and consistent efforts to further our core purposes of spreading spiritual alternative, serving our members, and furthering the Eight Dignities.

In a recent article member Steph Macurdy reflects on what SpiritDAO is and the purposes that we serve from his perspective as a co-founding member. It's insightful and helps to highlight a central theme of what SpiritDAO "is" (and was always supposed to be) - a member defined organization working towards a shared vision of the good.

In the article Steph writes, "The point of enabling and facilitating spiritual alternatives on top of an equitable, flexible and adaptable infrastructure such as SpiritDAO’s is to:

  1. enable additional pathways to secular, spiritual sense-making

  2. enable greater rates of institutional change

  3. enable greater sovereignty for individuals and collectives

  4. enable greater nuance, fidelity and participation in governance systems

  5. enable greater capacity and usage of local economic incentives

  6. and to generally accelerate the capability of action-oriented change"

Steph's stated purposes deviate from the initial write up developed by Ron Rivers, but that's the point! SpiritDAO was never intended to be a predetermined structure but rather a self-changing system evolving alongside the needs of our member community. Today the active community is compromised of members who feel a deep alignment with the vision and values put forth in Self-actualization in the Age of Crisis and are excited to create the structure necessary to live the values propose. Still, there is so much more - the creation of new member pathways, better onboarding experiences, local meetups, marketing and branding, there are so many ways to participate.

The article concludes with a call to action, "SpiritDAO is seeking six additional founding members before moving to it’s next stage of development."

The goal with SpiritDAO is and has always been about reaching a formal milestone of nine members who will in turn craft the infrastructure for the next 100. Collective sensemaking is a shared act, which is why we are deliberate in not proposing a structure that is too rigid.

If this vision of co-creation resonates we invite you to connect with us via email, in our telegram, discord, or via direct member connection to dive deeper into our efforts and how you can be a part of them.

Upcoming Event(s)

🎙 Ron Rivers is hosting a seminar on Binding Spirit & System for the Co-creating a World that Works for All summit on July 17th @ 11:00am EST / 3:00 pm UTC. The talk will provide a high-level overview into secular spiritual sensemaking and the necessity of binding spiritual renaissance to systemic reformation. It will conclude with an overview of SpiritDAO. Your attendance is appreciated!

We're planning our first in-person community retreat, a long weekend camping in the NJ everglades beginning on August 29th! We will connect, ideate around SpiritDAO's direction and efforts, and focusing on working the land and building infrastructure. Verified Members are eligible for traveling expense reimbursement. Details to follow!


🎙 Ron Rivers is hosting a seminar on Binding Spirit & System for the Co-creating a World that Works for All summit on July 17th @ 11:00am EST / 3:00 pm UTC

🎙We submitted a session to SXSW about Binding Spirit & System

We've continued work on the SpiritDAO app, which would consolidate DAO functions and community connection to a single source. This week we've focused on abstracting away the wallet creation process and airdropping advocate tokens to new members on sign up.

Thank you for reading!
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