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Rejecting the Spiritual Path of Least Resistance

Meeting the needs of the moment demands more.

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Rejecting the Spiritual Path of Least Resistance

Last week, when reflecting on SpiritDAO, I wrote, "Whatever you label it [SpiritDAO], we are what our active members are making it, and it is beautiful."

Over the past few weeks, there has been quite a buzz around certain intellectuals and their embrace of salvation narratives to align with the infinite. This has caused quite a commotion within the Liminal Web, as people feel conflicted about this pivot.

The statement about SpiritDAO is equally applicable to all spiritual communities and organizations; they are what most active practitioners make them to be. Herein lies the central challenge with the salvation narratives: The most vocal and active followers seek to dominate and diminish others. Today, fundamentalist Christians proactively seek to strip the legal rights of women, people of color, and LGBTQ communities.

There is no denying that wisdom traditions of the past contain some value, especially from a theoretical and philosophical viewpoint. At the same time, these sacred texts are not separated from the tribal dominion ethos contained within them. All religions are spiritual-political technologies, and the salvation narratives were created during a human time experience far from our own.

To embrace these narratives is to embrace selective hypocrisy. The challenge is that there is no consensus around this hypocrisy, so an individual who embodies their texts as sacred unwittingly champions the profane. They are not enough to meet the needs of the moment, and often serve to proactively further our descent into the crisis.

While I consider myself a fervent champion of the single truth, it requires no believers. Therefore, we take an ambivalent stance toward an individual's personal choice of orientation. Our objective is to share an alternative where there has previously been none, allowing others to shape their orientation.

Claiming alignment with inherited spiritual dogmas is the path of least resistance. It can also bring a fleeting popularity boost. Developing spiritual alternatives is a difficult, messy, and arduous task. All the more reason to embrace core values informed by enthusiasm and courage; this is a worthy pursuit.

SpiritDAO <> Limicon 2024

Ron Rivers sat down with Daniel and Eliot the Psychotechnologies Live crew to explore SpiritDAO's efforts at Limicon! It was a lively conversation with some great dialogue, check it out below!

We hosted a session for Limicon 2024 last week about the Binding System and Spirit, introducing the Limicon community to the framework for spiritual alternative outlined in Self-actualization in the Age of Crisis. Overall, feedback was very positive, but there was some dissent and debate! Check it out below.

This week on 3/13/24 @ 11:00 AM EST we'll be hosting an Introduction to SpiritDAO course, which will dive deep into who we are, our purpose, and the technology empowering our community. The intention is to invite the Limicon community to SpiritDAO to collective shape an alternative and provide them the blueprints necessary to fork our infrastructure if they so desire.

Member Spotlight

Lana Dingwall for looping in SpiritDAO for the GreenPill Network <> Octant Grant! An awesome opportunity we're very excited about, coincides nicely with the upcoming whitepaper release!


SpiritDAO has a formal bank account and we are presently in the motion of transferring all reoccurring expenses related to operations to the bank account. The same is accurate for our revenue sources. Executive Pod members have bank account access and information.

A proposal passed and was executed to fund our bank account with $1000 seed capital to pay for operational expenses. Funds have been formally transferred. The plan is to prioritize our community vault for operations as much as possible, seeding fiat as necessary via community vote to fund community initiatives.

Developed, proposed, and are present executing events for Limicon 2024.

Applied to the GreenPill Network <> Octant Grant

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