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Roadmap & Graphic Novel Updates

A look inside our upcoming Graphic novel interpretation of Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis.

We're excited to share this visual roadmap representing where we are today and the path forward. We've accomplished much over the last ten months and are formally opening our doors to new members. This roadmap represents vital milestones in our journey from 2 to 500 hundred members, and we're so excited to share it with you.

Some notes of interest...

The Nine: Represents nine founding members. We have two formal members now, leaving seven core spots to be filled to help us build out the infrastructure to welcome our first 100 members.

$SELF Tokenomics: $SELF is our time-bound intercommunity token. The founding team will help craft the formal tokenomics and reward structures.

Merit Infrastructure: Refers to how weighted voting will take form. Contribution and weights to be determined.

Self-Actualization Center: Physical property has always been a part of SpiritDAO's mission, and we believe it will be a catalyst for expanding our purpose and community.

Graphic Novel Updates

Yesterday, we received our first draft of the graphic novel design... It looks incredible! Below are some snippets we want to share with you, but full disclosure — these are subject to change! (It is, after all, the single truth.) We expect the full document to be complete and ready for printing within the next two weeks.

Observable infinities/divinity in the moment
Crisis of extinction/billionaire god kings

Weekly Happenings

👋 Our onboarding process is complete! ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ Members are testing it now, and we've identified a minor issue but are working through it!

🌐 has gone through a rework with updated links and design tweaks, including a JOIN option! As our onboarding process is a learning journey, we've removed the need for an application. Learn more about membership details.

🔐 We've done some security upgrades, including migrating our password vault to Bitwarden.

💰 We've been accepted into Season 3 of the Artizen Fund! This represents a great fundraising opportunity to help kickstart our efforts. More details to follow!

🚀 Updated roadmap!

💰 The infrastructure to accept fiat payments is set up, but we need to formalize our incorporation and set up a bank account before it can be implemented. This will happen shortly.

Thank you for reading!
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