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SpiritDAO Accepted into Gitcoin Grants Beta Round!

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This weeks contributors: Ron Rivers

The team has been hard at work in creating something very special, and today I excited to share it with you in the hopes that you'll choose to be a part of it.

Self-actualization in alignment with the single truth and relational universe provides an alternative framing of being that draws from natural authority, synthesizing spirit and science and binding it to systemic reformation.

Feedback from the original text’s soft launch has been extremely positive, with the most frequent critique being that the book’s length is a barrier to entry. To that end we want to distill the core concepts into a media format that will offer greater access and further our purpose of bringing more people into alignment with the pluralistic vision of humanity and being necessary to work towards the systems and coordination mechanisms necessary to overcome the crisis. 

To that end we've applied for and have been formally accepted into the Gitcoin Grants round led by Metacrisis DAO!

We are setting out to create SpiritDAO's first artifact, a beautifully illustrated graphic novel that will distill down the core concepts of Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis into an easy to read, breathtaking work of art.

The graphic novel will be used to further our core purpose of spreading the message and will be available for SpiritDAO members to order directly (at no cost) for distribution among their circles.

Gitcoin Grants leverage Quadratic Funding, which means that all project donations support a matching fund from Metacrisis DAO. What's special about quadratic funding is that the amount of individual of donors matters more than the individual donation size. Often times small donations can be matched with funds that are multiples more than the actual donation!

This is a significant project for SpiritDAO and is likely to coincide with our formal DAO launch. Will you make a donation today to help support us?

Quadratic Funding is the mathematically optimal way to fund public goods.

Number of contributors matters more than amount funded.

This pushes power to the edges, away from whales & other central power brokers.

This creates more democracy in public goods funding decisions!

Learn More about Quadratic Funding Here

Thank you for reading!
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